Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Writers' fourth Wednesday..the texture and traits of circles/roundness

Victoria Slotto, via The Bardo Group  has us writing about texture today;  my first time for her prompt via Poet by Day. Had written a poem about repetition earlier this week, but had no time to finish or post or leave comments, so thought I'd enhance, adapt as much as I could, and use it here.

Pretty pinwheels spin 
summer's days,
small arms stretch grabbing 
big beach balls;
clean damp laundry hangs
heavily from the line
pulled from a round 
woven basket in tall grass 
Wind blows at 10 mph..
ravens alert first slits of sun
Lacy bird nests brim 
with young life
Circles, common tools 
in design

I'm speaking to the yin and yang
of things, 
the nonstop calliope 
merry go round;
Labyrinth, if you will,
of our histories -
measured by 
the circumference
of our existence, 
the cold planets,
 their many moons, 
diameters of mud puddles, 
pools of blood,
or a slice of your favorite 
pie in the sky
Round bales of harvest's 
fresh barley wait in the fields,
checkered crops of plowed soil, 
organic farms
Vendors on baked sidewalks
 sell pickles, homemade lemonade
 fresh rhubarb pies

From the shape of eyes
to the plates we eat from
I'm fonder of "round"
than square, triangle or diamond;
though I like ovals and sickles -
Sutures in her chest mark the spot
where the cancer was, a circle,
not to mention the radius
of her forbearing feeble womb
At night she walked deep blue
 pile carpet of stars, 
and by the day
wove crowns of 
tangled columbine 

'round goes the bee in a bonnet,
or lies the pearl in a smooth, 
sandy clam shell;
roundness of clocks 
moves me to know life is full 
of sublime, complex mystique,
mathematical equations 
we have not learned
Oft I've wondered the why or how
of the brown mole 
on my left cheek -
something I acquired in Nepal
to go with my widow's peak?

Books covers lure us
to go within - so whose theology 
rings most true..
is it "Looking for Godot", Jung?
or Theroaux?  
Perhaps theSeinfeld show -
full of and about nothing at all
Arrays of hoops, universal orbs, 
human wreaths of love,
bracelets of the Zodiac, 
 revolutions of the globe
To say the least, physical earth 
is comprised of a myriad
of textures, colors, 
and shapes, 
Don't get me started on it's
philosophical origin or state
Are we flushed from 
another place, 
a multi-dimensional hole we travel,
with unimaginable sights?
And when we eventually 
turn around to look back,
will we see God's face?


  1. perhaps the seinfeld show...ha...some days it feels like it...
    the round circle where the cancer was caught me up...
    i do think we will see when we turn round...smiles...
    but i wonder will any of ours look the same...

  2. So much to ponder in this and we just keep going round in circles sometimes and nothing makes sense in this world.

  3. A kaleidoscope tumble through our hologram. Ah to look upon the face of God... only when consciousness has passed the abyss.


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