Tuesday, June 3, 2014


of polished rocks-  
cool rain on my ruddy face -
Cold shoulders once given me,
now warmed by
kindled friendships
Sitting comfortably in my window,
blue. pink, and violet
Bachelor Buttons,
 in a Ball jar
New light breathed inside
trickles into my deepest recesses;
 pockets overflow with
miracles minuscule
I'm not heavy,
meandering trails before me,
 of multiple tantalizing forks;
Red winged black birds
warble from the watchtower-
harbingers of gladness to come that 
guard my keep
 seeds I sowed years ago
madly craved all of me,
now I salute them
in their glory,
in spite of chains
that kept me;
and I ask them
to please forgive


  1. they threatened to consume you....i am glad that they did not overwhelm you...
    there have been things i had to walk away from because of that
    thank goodness for those relationships that we have kindled
    that endure...

    1. Thanks Brian- -- I am totally busy this week, so did not want to post since I am unable to do my reading or commenting at all...and I'm glad you didn't do it for me this time...thanks tho for doing it the last time..smile


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