Sunday, June 8, 2014

What's goin' on?...

My contribution to the Sunday Swirl, today June 8, 2014:


Muffled sound of a Marvin Gaye song,
Gun pops as one's existence ends
We hear whispers, the language of love
But the power shifted back again
Whether stomping on the asphalt yard,
or beating the streets in Washington,
the fight for civil rights 
 - still not won
Summer sidewalks sizzled 
in the heat of the day;
black power rose
 to the pulpit at night
Large numbers of demonstrators
marched in place
Said "Hello, world, look at us! -
we are all together one single human race"


  1. Even frustrating baby steps for equality are hindered by bigotry and hate. There is still much flag waving to do.

  2. powerful images, Kathy. The road to justice is long and difficult. Nice write.

  3. I remember being a misfit of the 1960's. Too young to really understand what was going on - and perhaps wondering why it had to.
    I lived in a diverse area and could not imagine the fight needed for equality. As your last line pays tribute:
    "We are all together one single human race"

    Thanks for stopping by my Sonja Series. I know it isn't always easy to come at these type of series out of order. I do try to write them to stand alone. And it is fun to attempt to 'hide' the word lists :) ~Jules

    FYI the link to your name in the when in my own comment section does not go to your site. It more or less goes to a blank page. But I found your post via the Sunday Whirl linky. Cheers!

  4. Katy, I the same as Jules grew up in a diversified area. As I grew older and moved around a bit, I noticed the racial divide was so extreme in some areas. It baffled me. Excellent write and use of the words.


  5. one single human race... so very true... if we would only manage to do away with the walls we're building and learn the language of love properly...

  6. wouldnt it be nice if we could all come together and let our voices be heard as one....too many competing interests these days it seems....but maybe we could actually accomplish something......

  7. That we are..although it sometimes feels quite different..a wonderfully rousing and thoughtful write..

    1. Of course, I understand that..and we are very different..

  8. we are all together one single human race

    A classic cry and a great ending. Unfortunately, self interest, greed and lies are reeling in many quarters for which most can only lament. Great to have brought it up Kathy!


  9. This took a different turn than I initially expected. I went down that street (kind of) in another poem I wrote for Mindlovemisery's Menagerie's photo challenge the other day... Thought provoking piece, I loved it!


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