Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ode to the piano man and poetry..

We are celebrating 3 years of success of our favorite poetry website,f the  dVerse Poets Pub     Feel free to read others' posts on this awesome occasion.  I"m so glad to be a small part of it.

"Love wants to stay" sings the piano man;
notes flutter around the room with such ease
He takes us back to where it all began
knowingly fingering old ivories

Piano man's hands magically transcend
all time, underscore scenes kept in our hearts
Soundtracks of our lives airily  suspend
how autumn leaves fall, how love falls apart

Sheet music that maps comedy and pain
Lyrics we know, oh so well, as lovers
who never wanted the love to wane
memories of being left for another

He plays keys that once sparked love and still do
he sits in the dim corner on his stool

Music's a vessel for written poetry
The story 'bout "My Baby", you on a train
Of love always wanting, fighting to be
The night you left me naked in the rain

Applause for the piano man's talent
new lyrics don't erase old melodies
whether smooth jazz, hip hop or classical
it''s how you touch those fine black and white keys

I still believe that love does want to stay
that it never really wants to leave pain
pianissimo and allegro play 
Yes, love instead always wants to remain

Piano man sounds mellow, calm and cool
gold stars on a carpet deep midnight blue


  1. it does in many ways come down to putting those fingers tot he keys and just how we go about joining in the power of the music...nice smooth feel...i think too love wants to remain...but many times...we need to give it a chance....

  2. great write. especially liked

    "Sheet music that maps comedy and pain
    Lyrics we know, oh so well, as lovers"

    reminds me of when I first started playing guitar; I wondered how I was gonna remember all those notes.
    Now I know them as well as a lover, a friend...

  3. new lyrics don't erase old melodies... i so agree... i think they make the only even more beautiful...i like your nod to different styles and voices... the emotions and how someone who listens to their heart will play well - no matter what style they choose..

  4. We are blessed by both music and poetry... how they feed our souls! I enjoyed this.

    Feed Your Spirit and Free Your Soul♥Sharonlee

  5. I believe that love wants to stay too ~ I specially agree with this part: Music's a vessel for written poetry ~

    I love the imagery of the piano man ~ Thanks for your words ~

  6. I have always felt that music and poetry are intertwined...they both touch us on a deep emotional level...

  7. Music is, has always been the universal voice for all of mankind, and Love is, should be, the common denominator for all of our endeavors; without love & music, or love of music, poetry would not have a heartbeat; never can think of smoky bars, drenched in blue light & melody, without thinking about Billy Joel, which leads me to Leonard Cohen & Zen/existentialism--but then, that is a tale for another time.

  8. Wonderful music, sad, mournful for that love that has fallen apart. Love must want to remain if we cannot forget. I love the stars at the end of this - they are like the tears of the pianist. Fabulous poem.

  9. Reminds me of this dialogue from the movie, Music and Lyrics:
    "A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. But then, as you get to know the person, that's the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magical."
    Your sentiment is well expressed in your verse... and I loved the word: pianissimo.:-)

  10. Love really does wish to stay, I think, and hopefully most often does find a way. Music and poetry and love - what more could a person wish for?

  11. Music and poetry do have a lot in common, and not only because the are the perfect media to express love. I too like the idea that love wants to stay.

  12. For me music feeds poetry and vice versa. I now have the song "Piano Man" playing in my head!

  13. Yes, poetry and music are as if fused in love. They are partners and they do feed each other. Lovely poem.

  14. I am partial to musical poems. This one just sings through me. Loved these lines: new lyrics don't erase old melodies
    whether smooth jazz, hip hop or classical
    it''s how you touch those fine black and white keys

  15. there is definitely poetry in music. I find it quite easy to get lost in both. a lovely and entrancing piece.

  16. This is lovely. Yes, poetry, whether read, spoken, or sung is a wonderful thing!


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