Saturday, July 5, 2014

Whales of Summer..


                                                                                                                by klr

No feeling of ground 
beneath their feet,
streamlined for swimming -
they float in sapphire straits
Each summer they return to greet
one another, 
to raise offspring 
as on salmon and shrimp
they feed 
They pass on lessons of birthing,
knowledge for surviving 
the Salish Sea

We honor Orca whales,
but they do not know;
raising a candelabra 
to them does not rid 
garbage from waterways- 
or prevent toxic spills
Threatened with extinction,
for loss of Chinook in estuaries,
we rescue them, 
treat their sonar ills
We make their voyages safer,
for fewer injuries 

They entertain with playful
splashy  breaches,                                                                                 
have the power to heal
Their phonic squeals communicate
what they think and feel -
so much they teach us,
We are allies,
entrusted with their care, 
24/7 vigilance
Youngsters know their names, 
beginning with pods J, K, or L,
such as J2, Luna, and Chance

With their natural talent
they could illustrate-
with the ocean as their canvas
on which art to paint; 
with Earth's colors as their palette,
fins as fine brushes- 
to create
fine cetacean giclees
They could fly kites in the air
with all their abilities,
trade whimsical tales with crusty 
pelicans, crabs, and sand fleas

Instinctively good-natured,
they deserve our dedication
For future millenniums,
it's important to help them
Last night I heard their 
calls from Lime Kiln;
their cries we must answer -
like floating lanterns
 illuminating their return
And with a big blink of the eye,
 they will make the journey again -
and we will exchange goodbyes,
but for now, it's only July 


  1. i have never seen a whale in real parents have...its one my they def are awe inspiring...pretty sad the thinning of the whale population as well...they def deserve our protection...and the trash and junk...ugh...we are such nasty people....

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Brian,...I saw that prompt..but was looking for one for the whale poem and no it's on it's own.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation...till next week at dverse!


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