Thursday, November 6, 2014

County fair..

  Gay Cannon asks us to write using the word "fair" in any of its forms..

She won a big teddy bear, a monkey,
ate cinnamon elephant ears, first time
I carried her home, her curls in my face,
tucked her in, kissed her goodnight, and I knew
she'd sleep and dream the same dreams as did I

Of lights and mirrors and painted horses,
going 'round, first time on the Ferris wheel;
blurred faces, wide eyed wonder flashing by,
a balloon pops, some ice cream, then a squeal

Aromas of caramel corn, peanuts,
fried onions rings, freshly baked scones with jam;
buttery corn, sticky cotton candy,
it was a thrill to pet a goat or a lamb

A lively barker gathers a crowd while
teens hold hands, buy tickets for wilder rides
play games with darts, hammers, baseballs, and coins
Went in the fun house, come out the other side

Taking off her boots, memories come back
the kind of fun found only once each year
when we go to the county fair all day
I remember grandpa carry me home
when the sky turned soft pink, violet and grey


  1. i love elephant ears...we used to have a place at the mall back home that made them year round...and it was always a special brought the fair alive...and there is def magic there that only happens once a year...the end of grandpa carrying you home made me smile....

  2. Somehow this is a strong piece reminding me of WA State & County Fairs too, the also fair, Evergreen, near Everett, & the WA State Fair, the two week boisterous behemoth in Puyallup; perhaps some color from everyfair, but the sights & memories are vivid, nostalgic, Norman Rockwell covers; lovely recall, strong poetics; loved every line of this.

  3. What a perfect capture. You made me love it even more all over again. Wonderful!

  4. Lovely! I love those moments when I get to carry a sleeping child into the house after a wonderful time out with the family...

  5. nice... so much things to see and experience at a fair... love how taking the child there brought back your own childhood memories... a bit of magic..

  6. I love the way of such memories. Fairs sound such fun.. But alas they are missing here in Sweden.. I guess the closest would be closer to Christmas when we have markets. But I love the tastes and the images you show.

  7. Don't know cinammon elephant ears, but they sound tremendously appealing!
    Yes, exactly that - the poem which makes me remember my own summer holidays at my grandmas... very evocative!

  8. Love the memories you were able to revive. Oh yes, the fair at grandmas,
    a football game, all the family sitting in the same place. A time when you could run
    the Midway like screaming with your friends! When you ran out of money you could
    run into the football game and get a little more. Like having kids to check in
    way before cell phones were invented.

  9. love the personal touch in this picture of joy and the close is sweet, nostalgic and tugs at the heart strings..beautiful...

  10. The more I read these poems the more I wish fairs would just suddenly appear on the drive home after I have a bad day at work. Great images and smells here.


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