Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas lists..

Today we write a poem using a list of nouns, a list of adjectives without using abstract words - love, jealousy, passion, hate


Deep silence,
twinkling stars are out,
respectful trees look upward,
then down at me
A wintry cold night,
skies crystal clear
easier to see dainty Pleides
I'm wearing long wool socks,
put my gray hair up with a red clip
Pot of strong coffee brewed,
I take a tasty sip
Aroma of orange biscuits
emanates from the oven,
purring cat on my lap

Sometimes when I want
time to slow, it flies
like leftover scents
of extinguished candles
On the carpet floor lie
pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
The straw broom propped
in the corner waits to finish
its work, gas furnace
... what more do I hear?
Pages in a book turning,
volutions of a rolling pen
Louder purring as I comb
her white fur again

On my mind,
holiday meetups
It will be very simple here;
white lights in the front windows
Christmas carols, sleigh bells
greens and thoughtful deeds
Making a gift list -
French soaps, gum drop bread;
something woven,
something up-cycled,
something tweed,
books I hope people will read
I check the calendar,
hope we get 5 feet of snow
before New Year's Eve

Christmastime, years ago,
I worked long tiring hours;
but at the Post Office
it was all convivial fun
Now, the season is slower,
more about watching growing
smiles, long awaited embraces,
eggnog with rum
I think of families -
all different kinds, shapes
and sizes, more defined now
by human kindness
I check the supply of ribbon,
homemade tags, wrapping
paper, birdseed

I contemplate past merriment,
think of all who are not here
Things are tense in Ferguson,
the President will act on
immigration, climate change
As I watch the new day
break, I see the skin of trees
Quiet and still, no need to rake
more crinkled dry leaves
I think of the female deer
found trapped in barbed wire
yesterday - frightened she was,
her eyes were afire,
yet when set free,
she calmly blinked at me

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  1. strange... i swear i left a comment on this one already... cause i so remember the orange biscuits... smiles


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