Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Can you hear me?

My dear, don't cry -
combine my ashes with
cinders of incense
I'll be forever on your mind,
 in blue jeans
It hurts that you will be
moving on
You are free to love,
by all means
Time has no meaning                                                                                
for me now,
so I'll wait for you

Upon your demise,
come looking for me
Remember to  take
the road less traveled
You will find me
leaning on                                                                                            
 a red-spotted toadstool,
wearing my old school
Letterman sweater....and hey,
my tennis shoes
You will always be my sweetheart
 I long for your caresses,
 the smell again
of your sweet perfume

Claudia asks us to write  today from the perspective of  a dead man.......


  1. if time has no meaning i wonder if it would seem like forever or just a blip until you joined them on the other side...there is something comforting to the thought that they are there waiting on us when our time comes...

  2. I often wonder if the dead can see those who are still living. I sometimes picture death as a one-way window. They can see us but we cannot see them. Probably not true, but at times I'd like to think that those on the other side look at my life now and smile....as they wait for the eventuality of all. The advice, by the dead, to take the road less traveled is wise.

  3. that reminded me of the movie forest gump where he says to his boy that he's gonna wait for him til he's back from school and then literally sits down and waits for him...somehow that moves me... it is a comforting thought - esp. in our fast-paced and quickly-forgetting time

  4. Indeed.. time has no meaning.. then why not wait for.. and where better to sit than on a red-spotted toad-stool... There is a sweetness of death like that,,,

  5. I like the advice: Remember to take
    the road less traveled

    And the waiting in familiar clothes ~ Love this Kathy ~ Thanks for playing along ~

  6. Yes...we should always take the road less traveled...lovely poem.

  7. I like the image of him sitting on a toadstool in blue jeans and his fave sweatshirt. Me, too!

  8. Time is definitely a tool of the living... I kind of find comfort that in whatever afterwards there is, it won't be such a bully.

  9. time is something we can't get back, but also something we shouldn't pay all of our attention to. So there are moments when time should be meaningless... And that 1st stanza really grabbed me--telling her not to cry and the part about the ashes... great write

  10. This is certainly a sweet dream of a lover.. who decides to never ever.. truly go away...

    and hope and love.. and life and death.. where death holds no weight..

    over hope and love...



  11. great write on love, hope and waiting

  12. the big question... who is she with in the after-life....

  13. Romantic, pragmatic, sweet, loving, sad--all in the poetic stew today, K. Nice to be reminded that time is our own invention, & does not exist on the other side of the veil. This one feels almost like an Ode, in essence not form.

  14. You captured the longing of two lovers separated by death so well. It has sadness but also has hope. Well done.

  15. I like the way 'your' dead man wishes to be remembered, Kathy. I also like the wistful tone of your poem.

  16. Kathy, I especially like the little detail--the jeans, the toadstool, the sweater--a home-y juxtaposition to the enduring love.


  17. I am glad that you chose first person narrative - I like it. "combine my ashes with / cinders of incense" beautiful effect you have in here. ..

  18. love permeates through every word touching the heart...beautifully written :)

  19. sweet closer and hope for the future... loved the blue jean line

  20. While he frees her to love again, he anticipates their reunion. my uncle is buried between his two wives--very different women. one hopes they get along.

  21. I love the tenderness, and the details by which he tells her she may find him.


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