Friday, November 28, 2014


Thankfulness and gratitude are the subject for today's prompt at

On this morning's ferry ride to meet family..
...sun shone on the passage                                                                                      
 as a seagull gliding I did see

Slow cooked apples with caramel,
cranberries, walnuts, turkey roast -
pass before my eyes,
under my nose

Pine cones sitting by a fire,
winds take my breath away -
Our cups runneth over
especially today

And I stop the car
to take in this beautiful sight -
a rainbow now by the river
on my way

Three signs for me that shout out -
it's Thanksgiving Day,
so take notice of all earthly delights


  1. sounds like you are in for a beautiful thanksgiving...
    hope you have a wonderful time full of family and warmth....

    1. what a blessing of that rainbow as well...smiles
      glad you made it kathy

  2. It does sound like a great Thanksgiving. Lovely pictures too Kathy!

  3. I like the thought of keeping an extra open eye for all the beauty - glad for the perfect blue sky.

  4. oh what a beautiful rainbow... and the magic is in seeing the things - and you def. did... that slow cooked apple stanza made my mouth watery...oy... happy thanksgiving to you k.

  5. Ah.. you too do write about and are blessed to be in such a lovely area of water and sun.. Thanks for sharing the photos as truly i am more of a visual thinking person than a word person.. and always can find a thousand visual words of meaning from the photos of my life.. Your Thanksgiving truly is beautiful...:)

  6. Halcyon sweet, greeting the gulls, inhaling the pine cone scent, daydreaming of the sustenance to come, completing the ellipse of the rainbow with your own smile; lovely, touching, wonderful.

  7. Take notice of all earthly delights--and how well you share them in poetry and photo. Lovely.

  8. I love the simplicity, yet strength, of your Thanksgiving gratefulness, Kathy. The great beauty of nature is certainly somehting to be thankful for, as is a nice meal shared with family.

  9. I like the idea of taking time to take note of all the earthly delights...really we have so much to be thankful for...including that beautiful rainbow you mentioned!

  10. Our blessings are found in all that surrounds us. This is truly a lovely capture!

  11. Your photos are as much a part of your poem as the words. Certainly a lot of beauty in this world!

  12. Being thankful for what we have around us is a sign of our awareness of the beauty that surrounds us.

  13. Very true Kathy. One normally misses out on normal occurrences but the poet in us is different. Poets notice every day matters that others take for granted. Being observant one becomes adept at describing them well. Wonderful write and great pics. Happy Thanksgiving Ma'am!



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