Thursday, January 15, 2015

the tenWord....

My first posting of the new year; I had a nasty cold over the holidays. Today at  we are writing "the tenWord", a poetry form introduced awhile back by Brian Miller.  “I call this one the tenWord, because after ten words no one is listening anyway, or already formulating their response…and what can you say in ten words…”  he said.

A few taken from lines in Les Miserable -

a.  Regrettably, I will miss the screams of the train wheels

b.  Scarlet seat cushions expel dust clouds;  
     I drink lemon tea

c.  Shades of love -
     like threads of gold in a mountain

d.  I no longer exist; the grief surpasses bounds of possibility.  

e.  He never dresses the same, always
     in disguise, a chameleon 

f.  Under my pant's leg __ 
    hidden papers tucked into my socks

g.  In France, no wrath that lasts six months won't extinguish.

h.  Revolts are followed by certain necessity of shutting the eyes  


  1. there's alot to be said in 10 words - big le mis fan here.

  2. The first catch me like a start of a great novel, there is so much built into that sentence. Somehow I get the Somerset Maugham line from Rebecca. "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again" (alas only 9 words)..

  3. My favourite is d. It is succinct and powerful.
    Hope you managed to enjoy the holidays in spite of the cold… smiles...

  4. This one makes me want to go and write some more using that black-out poetry technique. And the last one especially hit home, given all that's gone on recently.

  5. ha. i need to check some more pant
    i do miss the scream of train wheels...i grew up by the tracks
    and used to listen to their music...

  6. The 5th one is so intriguing ~ I hope you are feeling better K ~ Take care


  7. Kathy, yours are thought provoking. I do think sometimes about the scream of train wheels. Aren't many of them any more....seems more a thing of the past. Sadly. And, yes, grief does surpass possibility...takes the life out of a person.

  8. I like the last one....certain necessity of shutting the eyes....that happens a lot :)

  9. You sort of double-clutched, & hit us with two prompts at once; cool. Les Mis + Found +Blackout + ten Word, all together now; very clever, nice choice of words too; I liked D the best, #4, it conjured up all kinds of possibilities. My wife has recycled that damn cold (4) times, & I'm just getting over Round 2 myself; a real bugger of several viruses I suspect; almost flu.

  10. Like Björn, you used words or expressions fro a novel to write your own poems. This is very clever. Great creations. I think my favorite is d.

  11. oy on that disguised guy who dresses always differently... and oh i love a good train journey...

  12. Wonderful. My favorite is the first one. It is a great hook... I too want to know what happens next. :-)

  13. Revolts are followed by certain
    necessity of shutting the eyes

    This is a gem Kathy! Yes, conscience makes it necessary for one to stem off the guilt in such a way.


  14. Nice take on the prompt. I really like this one: "I no longer exist; the grief surpasses bounds of possibility."

  15. c and h are my favs. Very succinct and clever.

  16. All evoke poetic visuals, and my favorite is "d. I no longer exist; the grief surpasses bounds of possibility."

  17. You have some real gems my fav being 3 as I like the image it leaves in my mind and one has to watch those chameleons closely.

  18. Kathy--really well done--a wonderful cadence to them. Thanks. k. (Manicddaily.wordpress)

  19. Clever "found" tens. I like c, d & h. Well done. Thank you.

  20. Your chameleon verse ...more and more we're changing faster from day to day or during the day....very creative all poems.

  21. Your opening poem offers a lot of possibilities. I am wary of a person of Poem E's quality. :-)

    I hope you are all better now. :-)


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