Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bake a cake..


Ladyfingers adorn her cake;
makes headlines for charity's sake,
first prize surely was hers to take
Some say she coerced the judges,
wearing a necklace of pink pearls
that set off her flouncing blond curls;
her tight dress stressed the other girls

Under the stylish wide brimmed hat,
she has only business in mind
Flirting with the powers that be,
her talent for baking unseen
Ladies opine, as she flashes 
a leg and bats her eyelashes -
the end must justify the means

When she, who is most kind, not blind,
confidently presents her cake
they hurl accusations her way -
daggers in their eyes "How unfair!"
Their cakes look superior, yes,
appear to be the most divine
But the judges do not digress

Because, you see, the ladies' wiles 
were but tainted with jealousy
Judging is done with tender care
To tell the truth, they had no chance 
She won the cake contest solely 
for its superb tasty flavor -
judged to be far beyond compare

We are writing about vocation or "calling" at about a cake decorator?



  1. Hilarious
    But what is your calling?
    a baking queen?

  2. Not sure where my comment went....I was saying I love the poem and your pretty blog!! And that cake decorating is a fine art--so gorgeous, one almost doesn't want to cut and eat them!

  3. I think that TASTE is the most important part of a cake...obviously the judges agreed! Smiles.

  4. The judges were right! Decoration plays a role but it is far from being essential. What matters is taste! Always!

  5. I love your story. Sweets are my favorite things. So if I were a judge, no amount of coniving would sway my vote. I'd go with the taste that pleases me the most. I like your story. Funny.

  6. Flavor is the ultimate criteria, when it comes to cake!!

  7. Frosting laced with levity; love it, clever, funny, nice use of form--& she understand a primary axiom for Art, too often it is not the talent that wins, it is the marketing, the packaging. In your piece she had both; very cool, four smiles, one belly laugh.

  8. decor is nice and all, but taste is what matters... there are plenty of beautiful things in this world that are nasty on the inside

  9. A flavorful cake contest indeed...enjoyed this one!

  10. Haha, great story. I took a cake decorating class once and was miserable because I found it so incredibly is a LOT harder than it looks!!

  11. An amusing tale...glad that the judges gave her the award for her cake, and not her wiles.

  12. ha -it's far more important how a cake tastes than how it looks...the same for people...smiles

  13. So glad she won because her cake tasted the best. Nice telling of the tale. Peace, Linda

  14. If she felt she did the work and won fairly, then that all that matters to her ~ I wish I can bake but I can't, smiles

    Nice story K ~


  15. Ah.. some people have it all.. beauty.. kindness.. courage.. and most importantly taste for what is 'good'.. in life.. as 'FREE'..:)

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