Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From Whence I Came..

I am a Lassie, one quarter Irish,
from Counties Cork, and Kerry
As in the song, "I'll Take You Home Again,
Kathleen", I would feel at home in Eirie
I used to think it was written for me.
I come from the sea, will return there,
from whence I came, more briny than blimey
salt in my veins and sea spray at my feet

I try to carry on a unique legacy of women,
Four generations of Girl Scouts
and by that I mean home loving, strong,
hard working, resourceful;
Curious, intelligent, standing up for a cause,
tolerant, generous, pioneering
Like Sarah Jane, distant great relative,
who crossed the plains in 1853,
left Illinois, settled in Lane County,
Oregon, carved her name on Chimney Rock
where she encountered Indians for the first time

I learned survivor skills for many things -
things I never imagined in my wildest dreams
I'm from a small logging town,
come from a patriarchal household,
being a judge's daughter taught me about
unfairness, as well as fairness
A product of the 50's, a baby boomer,
front seat observer of mid-century turmoil,
lover of Rock n Roll, bobby soxer.

But much more than this,
I come from the spirit world
I am part of Gaia, our Mother Earth,
a stream of consciousness spilling over
Sprung from forests verdant green, white-capped
mountains in winter; where crystal springs and
waterfalls lead to a mighty river
where once walked Sacajawea
to a wide world of many natural wonders

We are all born of authentic goodness and hope,
I want to shout out to the world,
beseech humankind to listen, to heed the messages
Saving our planet is still within our reach
For what higher purpose could there be?
We all come from innocence to learn;
our mission is to heal and cleanse this beautiful world -
 a testament to
to such a varied land and people - we can
truly change the earth for the better


  1. I love the way you start out by the ancestry and move through the spiritual connection to that future, and that plea to humanity... we all wish we could make a difference don't we?

  2. i love that girls scout image - no matter if real or metaphor - it def. stands for a woman who knows how to survive, who gets along in different surroundings and circumstances - i like that much

  3. Kathy, you have really written a personal history here. And I found the details of your ancestry very interesting. I can imagine, from your words, what it must have been to be a judge's daughter....and I smiled at the bobby sox. I enjoyed how you mixed the personal with the universal of coming from Mother Earth. In that way we are definitely all related! Glad you found time to write, Kathy.

  4. "more briny than blimey"--says a lot and I like the sound. Wonderful trip through the past to end with hope for the future

  5. I felt the strength in your family and commitment to add to this world not take away

  6. Chimney rock.... how cool to have a connection there. Nice

  7. I found it interesting to see that, although you are only quarter Irish, it is a legacy that is very important to you. I am alsofrom a family of Girl Scouts on the women side and Boy Scouts on the men side.

  8. Yes, we can still save the world...but the question is...will we? Great piece, and great call to do our part!


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