Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tis the Season

Victoria over at suggests we write in the poetic form of "Synesthesia". If you have ever given a voice or color to an emotion or thing, this is an opportunity to imagination what you might write and give it a try. Check out what others have written today.

Shavings of sherbet served 

in morning clouds 

play in squinting stained glass 

sail boat skies

Markets below sell wares, fruit

cakes,  freshly brewed art for the soul

Gold leaf ladders lean against

invisible walls as I gleefully 

slide down a long curving chute,

land on polar bear soft,

billowy white drifts of linen, 

scents of pine and tart mulberry _ 

Strings of colored lights adorn each door;

 there stands a thin fiddler playing his lute 

for wars no more

I grab a fir tree swag, swing high above 

on an aerial merry-go-round_

all around town

My hair screams, hints of the midway,

life kaleidoscoping by

There, in a treetop of mint frosting,

I sit with an angel 

at the break of day

Trees bow low in meditation 

as I breeze through them on my way

Heavenly birdsong ties with ribbon

red bows to pin to my heart;

The sea is fully dressed in tinsel

Then with the stealth of a doe,

I weave textures of nature into

holiday mittens, frozen memories

of chunks of coal,

gingerbread images 

of red-cheeked children, 

in tweed hats, cookie size wide-eyed

Holiday bustle meets ancient shamans 

pedalling oils of penitence

"we are all brethren", 

say Myrrh and Frankincense 

And when it snows, 

the bitter taste of foes 

and woes of  yesteryear melt away,

leaving us perched on a mountain 

of purple heather,

overlooking a valley of rugged 

cobblestone where gumdrop

toadstools grow 

and say,"this is home."  

We are all in this together.


  1. This is a lovely Christmas story and just apt for the season ~ This is my favorite part:

    The sea is fully dressed in tinsel

    Then with the stealth of a doe,

    I weave textures of nature into

    holiday mittens, frozen memories

    Thanks for linking up Kathy and wishing you happy weekend ~


    1. Thank you Grace...tinsel doesn't need adjectives ;)

  2. This is exactly how we want a perfect Christmas to be.. all white tinsel and the joy...I could almost hear the smells :-)

  3. This is breathtakingly beautiful and is so filled with every sense. It's a wonderland of Christmas bounty and what is important in the season. Just lovely...

    1. It started being about the emptiness of the holidays..go figure. Thank you.

  4. there is so much in this beautiful poem. I can see you took time observing, imagining and choosing just the perfect sensory description for this prompt. I just loved it.

    1. It's true, a lot of thought went into it, Victoria, thank you.

  5. Oh, Kathy. it's so nice to be reading & reconnecting with you; this beautiful flow of the holiday senses, smitten with synesthesia, feels epic within its richness & super-sensuality. A second reading reveals that the form gives it a epic feel, but that the words were actually sparse & carefully crafted; a cornucopia of kudos need to nestle in your lap; a remarkable tremendous piece of stunning poetics; my fave out on the trail for this prompt ( & there have been a lot of good ones). I like the lines /land on billowy/white drifts of linen/ & /where a thin fiddler plays his lute/ for wars no more/ & of course those /gumdrop toadstools/; holiday hugs.

    1. Why thank you, Glenn. You are too kind. Hopefully there will be a few more prompts before Christmas, but just in case, a holiday salute right back to you! ;)

  6. i suppose.. for our distant ancestors
    living in snow.. then
    Christmas everynow
    is just a hug
    and perhaps
    a fire for food..
    and light for
    of night...
    a simple
    spells H
    U G S..:)


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