Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tied to trees..


dversepoets.com Today the prompt from Grace is to write ecopoetry which is supposed to set the mood for change, an impetus for changing one's thinking without it being a debate or political writing..dealing with nature of course.

Infinitely small tremblings,
borne of gases,
stirred earth's primal soil;
crying, pulsating from
the cradle of life's beginnings,
you sprang from mossy
bogs, caverns,
where nested fungi,
microscopic life forms
Nursed by our ancient planet,
you were cast, died, and transplanted,
caught in a perfect celestial
pattern, a species
in a class all your own

It was more than just
a fold in time -
when you became giants;
fibrous ribbons in circles
accrued in you;
your fingertips finally reached
the patches of blue you sought
Guardians of our way of life,
you stood in foothills,
along America's river banks
Exhaling into the vastness,
constant and true,
you met every storm

Villages survived when
Eucalyptus held ground;
children learned from you
Strength was measured in
your numbers,
your statuesque image revered
all over the world,
now all deemed in peril.
Man's destruction leaves a
barren wilderness,
a hellish nightmare
of the worst kind
Hearts bleed for you
when you scream and claw
the last soil at your roots

What happened to the great notion
to protect those who also protect?
Trees with mulling scents,
gone from under the wayward moon, 
where in your still sanctuary, 
I hovered- and for 
our deep-seated
bosom relationship,
developed over time,
there are no words 
to describe our loss -
when palpable souls, 
within skins of nature,
once hummed with growth - 
and were an assembly of kings


  1. Trees with mulling scents,
    gone from under the wayward moon,
    where in your still sanctuary,
    I hovered- and for
    our deep-seated
    bosom relationship

    Beautiful lines :D

  2. If we could just understand how much more important timber is when left than when made to pulp... How you describe how trees are friends to save us from a barren earth is great.

  3. A lovely ode to trees ~ I specially admire this part:

    Guardians of our way of life


    Trees with mulling scents,
    gone from under the wayward moon,
    where in your still sanctuary,
    I hovered-

    Thanks for joining in Kathy ~

  4. Oh yes, we do need to protect the trees...and honor them.....much more than we do! Well penned, Kathy.

  5. I love the image of that "assembly of kings". This is wonderful to read.......especially vivid the image of roots clawing the ground. A powerful write.

  6. OH! THIS:
    "your fingertips finally reached
    the patches of blue you sought"

    And that "assembly of kings"

    Great write.

  7. I love how you follow the evolution of how trees came to be and how they protected and supported the life around them. This beautifully penned poem makes me revere trees even more, the "assembly of kings"...yes, they are.

    1. You got it..thanks..glad you liked it.

  8. Trees are real friends. It is said that people stuck long term in a hospital bed, tend to heal faster when they have a view to nature and trees,

  9. Touching poem and the mention of eucalyptus brought a rush of wonderful memories as my childhood home was surrounded by them.

  10. This is such a tribute to the loss of so many trees on this earth when they were the assembly of kings.

  11. First theRe iS sand..
    then sticks.. now then
    scratching imaGinary
    connections of stars
    to make an
    then collective
    recorded written
    language named
    intelligence.. complex
    cultures.. guns and atomic
    first there was
    sand.. answer
    iS to connect
    to sand
    and lose
    the tools
    of uS that
    separate wE
    from rest oF
    Living Nature iN uS..:)

  12. "your still sanctuary" where our hurt souls could recuperate...the faster we realize this the better...so beautifully penned...

  13. I love stories of trees - their convocations, their majesty. well said, Kathy ~


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