Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Eyes

by klr

My whole world is right
I could be nobility
when they gaze at me

Large eyes round like pies
pools to synchronize swim in
 matching azure skies

Wings lift against gravity
love beneath holding
A fine young man's dreams
therein unfolding

His whys will get their answers
he'll march in the lead
humble and most courteous
most apt to succeed

Math comes easily
as do a circle of friends
computer savvy 

Eyes with a message
deep and far they see
my heart knows this is



  1. Kathy, Your love for Burke and Hayley has been captured through these beautiful poems about them. How fortunate they are to have you close by to share in many of those first time "Hey Grandma Look at me!" experiences. They will always hold a very special place for you in their hearts....Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself with us through your verse, your wonderful art, and your insight. You say you are just beginning...I say you are really living! Your sister with love, Shelley

  2. Thank you, Sis; time is passing too quickly as they are growing up sooo fast. Perhaps I'm beginning "again"...I just haven't tapped the artistic side for a long time, or developed it when I could have. Why do we have to go through so much to find our wholeness?


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