Saturday, October 19, 2013

As I grow older.....

       I'd like to climb into Cinderella's pumpkin carriage,
escape to the land where Monsters go to University -
       my guardian angel will drive me down untaken roads
 where the orange fired leaves of autumn burn,
       and fairies decipher digital codes

       I'd like to fly into that night sky where Peter Pan
           flew with lost boys who are lost no more -
          I would trade my frown for a smile anytime, 
             dance on a roof with Mary Poppins, whistle with dwarfs,  
or learn from Wizards for a spell 
        How I'd love to go to faraway places not scary 
           made of peppermint chocolate ice cream cones -  
       I'd ride Aladdin's carpet, waving to people below,
     I'd hang from the mast on Captain Sparrow's tall ship
       sailing the wild Caribbean

Arabian knights and Tom Sawyer's tales
       speak to me from days gone by - when Huck Finn
knew the Hardy Boys and Heidi sat on her grandpa's knee
Oh, how I'd like to soar the skies 
in Buzz Lightyear's spaceship with a pig or donkey

I'd like to, as I grow older,
 still wish upon the first star I see at night
Whether in a wheelchair or absent of mind,
I'll always love Micky Mouse and the wind beneath 
my swing, and behind my high flying kite


  1. a forever kind of child - yes, even in a wheelchair... wonderful attitude & poem

  2. I like the perspective you have chosen: a child's view of what one might be able to do once grown up. Always optimistic and not always true when we get there :-)

  3. nice... you know - i'd still love to join them in their adventures any time... if one of them knocked at my window and asked me out for a trip to the stars...wait...i think i just heard something......... smiles

  4. I love the references to so many of the classics of my childhood...especially Heidi. As I grew up with my grandparents for a while, and we lived on a hill, I always identified with her. I'd like to read that again.

  5. Oh to be a child forever.. this is timeless and for the child within us.. and to our parents and grandparents alike.. made me smile

  6. nice...some really cool references to kids books and movies...def kids fantasize about that kind of escape....peppermint chocolate ice cream that does not sound too bad either...

  7. Huck Finn knowing the Hardy Boys made me grin. What a lot of "well, you see it was like this..." explaining they could do together.

    lovely piece.

  8. Wonderful references to kids movies. Such fun and it made me remember many moments from my own childhood. Simply wonderful...

  9. Beautiful entry into so many childhood tales (both old and new). Well done!

  10. So many great childhood memories in this. Fabulous. Thank you.

  11. a brilliant way to re-evoke childhood. I went on many journeys while reading this. wonderful.

  12. Your poem is wistful and dreamy. :-)

  13. I like how you wove the classic and the contemporary in this...and I really want a peppermint chocolate ice cream cone now! I guess I'm the kid ;)

  14. This was fun and charming. I enjoyed it very much.


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