Friday, October 25, 2013

I watched the sun set again last night...

                    Art by Kim Rembil
 Photo by Dale Heron

Watched the sun set again last night
No two can ever be the same
Apricot plum skies set aflame
striking the sea in filtered light
as the crescent cove welcomed night 
electric clouds lined in neon's frame                              

Mirrored rainbows touched down became                               
sun's hide and seek bouncing ball game
tinted canyons' metallic sight
Watched the sun set again last night 

The skyline's fine art states it's claim
pats of light buttered wild to tame
by Nature's own palette knife
curled waves of silver secrets bright
how earth's green mansions gained their fame 

Watched the sunset again last night

                                                                                                                                  We are asked by Tony at   to write a Rondeau poem, it's rhyming going thusly:  3 stamzas  Refrain-aabba, aabRefrain, aabbaRefrain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               




  1. This is just a wonderful theme for a Rondeau--the repetition works so well for this repeated (but as you say endlessly varied and changing) activity and sight. The poem has a very smooth in-and-out and its own mirroring effect. Thanks. k.

  2. What a beautiful scene to watch - the sun set ~ I specially like the colors, apricot plum skies & mirrored rainbows ~ I can watch it again & again ~ Good work on the form too ~

  3. What a lovely slant on the form, and I love the combination of the sunset and the work of art through their colour mix. So original in concept for Nature and Art combined.

  4. Fabulous - and thanks for reposting; I would hate to have missed this. I love the theme/variation that you have taken as your subject for the rondeau - it's such a clever way to use the form. You've met all the rules for the rondeau and produced a wonderful lyrical poem.

  5. nice...i like nature as the artist...i can def relate....not many other painters that can achieve as beautiful as nature....she gets some amazing colors going on....smiles....well played to form as well....glad your blog did not disappear...smiles.

  6. Curled waves of silver secrets--beautiful line, and a beautiful rondeau. Excellent work!

  7. Gosh. Do you get to see this again and again? Your images rock. Nature is quite a painter, ball player, and electric conductor.

    1. Lately, yes...but I haven't captured them on camera like this photographer did...thanks Susan

  8. As lovely as the picture the night paints on its canvas.
    Anna :o]

  9. Beautiful. Your words left no absolute need for the picture but it was the icing.

  10. So beautiful and lovely,, I really wanted to see this serene scene your are painting... and so glad to see your poetry page up again,

  11. This is so well done. Reminds me of the Ian Tyson song about the artist Charlie Russell. Well done!

    1. Thanks, I'm going to look that up because I love Charlie Russell's work and I think we are related somehow...

  12. Love the colors in your write esp. light buttered wild ; yellows.
    Beautiful pic.

  13. A surreal beauty here and the imagery painted is calm and peaceful. beautiful!


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