Saturday, November 2, 2013

Watercolors on the stairs....

Claudia invites us to write color poems at

The charcoal black egret at night waded
close to the unseen midnight blue shore                 
 jet black treetop shadows fell into  

perfect pale chiffon yellow moon light, 
slipping into inky blackberry sea - 
Then awaken long brown eyed cat tail, 
from ruddy sepia-green grasses of the marsh;
wet thin blades of multi-hued leaves rise -
striped cappuccino, wine gold, Merlot, 
blend against cognac-ivory linen morn skies

Smell of sandy, burly grey driftwood fires, 
kindled by fiery red confidence
and buried pristine blue self reassurance 
clears the mind of fuzzy slate grey doubt
Watercolors flow down the stairs, out, 
into a transparent world of unseen 
angry ultra-violet despair, where 
great pains once were taken to save 
lighthearted spirits stolen, that even brittle milky quartz
should not weaken -now replaced with champagne 
pink martini dreams

Ugly dark puce guilt clogged her arteries
Unsought, deep coffee noir' wells of loss
crept into her misty hazel eyes
Although the diagnosis was acute 
and blizzard blue storms freeze minds 
and missing hearts unable to thaw or process, 
the best and worst thing you can do -
I think, is to don your curry yellow leggings, 
Prussian Blue jacquard tunic, 
 ruby red jester hat and tufted gold toe shoes..
...and stand outside in plain sight !!!


  1. ha. i think i may wear just that tomorrow...smiles...just for the fun of it and see what people will say...ha. the second one is my favorite, how you mix the colors with emotions and the progression of gets dark then i like the light end or dreams...

  2. It's good to dress in bright crazy colours it's always fun to go out into the world and say here I am! Nice to stand out against a dulling crowd. You take us through a maze of emotion and colour in this one! Very nice!

  3. very creative and solid write... i can even deal with all the colours you associate here using all my senses... a pleasure to read katy... smiles...

  4. I don't think I've ever seen so many colours and adjectives in one place, and all intimately linked to emotions.

  5. oh i like the pale chiffon yellow moon light and how the watercolors flow down the stairs into the world... great image...and then how it gets heavy with emotions in that last stanza with the diagnosis... and then that great hopeful closure

  6. This poem has a wonderful sense of humor - all the pastels of the watercolors run away in to the plain light of day and leggings! Thanks. k .

  7. I like the break up of the scenarios with different colors ~ The first one is specially lovely to me ~

    striped cappuccino, wine gold, Merlot,
    blend against cognac-ivory linen morn skies

  8. A feast of colors! I do love the image of watercolors going down the stairs ... and the lines in the actual colors you're describing was a nice touch. :)

  9. Wow. Amazing how you painted the feelings and objects in your poem with just the right color description. I really like the ending of this.

  10. Beautiful presentation through colours:)

  11. you make me want to get my paintbox out and have a go at this panoply of colours...

  12. You really have fully explored colour. Nice. :)


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