Saturday, December 7, 2013

Advent's meaning..

Love amidst the snow is falling                                                                 
Christmas time is here once again 
green garlands greet friends gathering
"Trim your hearth and set your table"
Gentle gifts, consideration
awareness of those less able

Advent calendars speak of time

paper windows count the days
of anticipation and hope
Father Christmas's stories told
by the fireside unhurried
of three ships and a lost angel,
illustrations most delightful

A crescent Clair de Lune on high

midnight song and candle lighting;
Hang wreaths of rose hips and fir
recycle your tree for a smaller foot print 
feed the birds, blessings to all 
around the globe - show you care


Gingerbread houses and paper
snowflakes; life is not make believe
goodness is man's second nature
perhaps war is ultimately 
unnecessary.  The mentally ill
spill out of facilities                                                                                                                          
Catalogs celebrating toys retail 
wonder of homemade cards, stockings
give way to hunger games played out
dolls, toys, and nutcrackers smiling
party's guest sold wrong Christmas Story
Mischievous elves and Polar bears
borne out of fantasies ideal
naive Alice waits for St. Nick
and a partridge and doves a pair
sought solace in opium's kick
Lanterns spread light across the snow
and people know what is enough
frugality and dignity speak to those who know
Victor Hugo's Les Miserables -
lessons in poverty's sadness
for all donations not given,
miracles can prevent madness

Advent or Alice and Wonderland - which would you write about? 
We can even combine them today per Claudia at I chose to compare the pros and cons of the Christmas season as we count down to Christmas Eve.




  1. i would hope that one day we do find war unnecessary...and that we build a few more of those gingerbread houses....smiles...did one with my boys a few years back...its a take us well into advent...but some nice one liners in there as well...smiles on miracels preventing made some cool connections in this...

  2. You have shared the best of the holiday here! Enjoyed reflecting on it through your eyes.

  3. All the conflicts are forgotten in time for the Yultide! It would have been better if this is for throughout the year, Nicely Kathy!


  4. miracles can prevent madness.... yes.. def. they can... really love the mood in this... the spirit of sharing and a hunger for the real important things... brought some christmas stories back to mind that really touched me...and it was always the giving something of us away to those that are in whatever way..

  5. I think it's important to share the reality of Christmas here... why not a compromise between indigestion and starvation... yes I love your poem here

  6. Your poem highlights the strange combinations of the season-- there is a looking glass aspect where people do NOt look in the glass but just go through it. Thanks. K. Manicddaily.

  7. Katy, the prints are too small for me to read ~ Can you please make it a little bolder & bigger ~ Thanks ~

  8. Is this better Grace? Not happy with the fonts I often change them but don't always know how they come across, but here I will no always use Bold print ...thanks ;)

  9. I love how you managed to evoke so many facets of Christmas in your poem!

  10. A lot of good idealism here in the hopes that all can have the gift
    of our best Christmas experience. Looking in the mirror we know
    that it cannot be. Our dose of reality... including Les Miserables.
    Well written.


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