Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The air is full of Christmas....

Christmas spirit gladdens the air;
multiple Charley horses

kept me awake last night,
and sniffles 
-due to cold weather?
..reason some head south for 
the winter
Yesterday I had a raffle ticket 
in my purse; could win $1000,
to be announced at 1:00 pm.
First to the Holiday Market, 
then to the drawing, in time, 
in spite of myself!

Arrived at the red barn,
herbal smells of soup du jour 
mingled with of scents of cut
greenery, handmade candles,
fresh pies for sale;
unrushed, I found a handwoven gift,
encountering only
holiday good will, friendliness
People gathered to hear the winning 
number - wasn't mine, but who knew,
it was worth the trip 
I bought seeds from 
the The Chocolate Flower                          Farm Shop, 
entered the Gallery where 
local artwork sold
Hot coffee took away the chill,
down a lane and alleyway,
decorated with many  lights, 
I walked to Studio 106; 
reverie spilled 
from a wine tasting room. 
Main Street doors artfully decked 
brightened sidewalks 
as day turned to dusk
I drove the seven miles across
scenic farmland,
sprinkled with lights;
passed through tall misty evergreens
No mail today.. and so it goes,  
will arrive eventually
Snug as a bug in a rug; 
 now to bake Grandma Eva's 
gumdrop bread, 
presents to wrap, hour'derves to make,
on Christmas Day to take
to my daughter's.
 I will catch an early ferry
in the morning,
help her prepare for company;
blessed are we this Christmas Eve,
on the brink of 2014,
Christmas is in the air


  1. your words took me there with all the smells and the atmosphere... enjoyed this immensely ....

    1. ..thank you for posting to your page..have a Merry Christmas, Robert!

  2. You have captured the joys of Christmas in your words!! Merry Christmas to you, Katy!

    1. Thanks, Mary, and Merry Christmas to you this evening, too!

  3. gotta love the magic in the air this day...
    i hope you have a wonderful time at your daughters..
    and have a very merry christmas!

  4. oh - sounds like you're having a lovely time....Grandma Eva's
    gumdrop bread... hmmmm... i wanna try it...smiles... and the gallery visit...hot coffee against the chilll - and going by ferry to see your daughter...how cool is that... hope you're enjoying the holidays... merry christmas katy...smiles

  5. Wow -- your dwelling by the sea sounds pretty darn nice to me! I am up in the mountains right now so can't complain. (Though I know I need to get back to City soon, and it keeps sending me emails!) Take care and thanks for your kind support. K.


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