Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wood smoke...

....yesterday began with
a purchase at a copying store;
after, I bought gas, and coffee
as an eye opener                                                                  
Driving then to the little beach
to find sea shells to make
ornaments  -
presents for family,
mussel and clam shells angels
with a glue gun
Then I looked above the frosty
banks of the bay;
two eagles circled each other in play
A sailboat's mast became their perch,
December's sun reflected off
their snow white feathered coverage
Ice blue sky heralded pristine farmlands
in the distance, pink cotton candy clouds
brimmed with sugar sweetness -
our winter's cold   creating clarity
Water lazily lisped ashore at my boots;
unseen currents carry the salmon below,
and the eagles, to and fro,
taking them wherever they must go
Then I came home to decorate the porch -
(oh my, the tangle in the string of lights)
and to hang a huge paper snowflake...
All done in short order, "Festive enough,"
I say, with the 3 foot tree in the window,
 "I'll take a break! "

There upon arrived a spontaneous invitation,
I wrapped a scarf around my neck and
put on my gloves and walked
 a short distance -
to a gathering place in the woods;
the light in the window welcomed me.
There stood an old tool shed; neighbors
 sat inside around a small wood stove,
Snug quarters - a tiny lit Christmas tree
sat on a shelf, next to old pots and pans,
 oil cans, barrels and stools to sit on
My eyes took in the old collectables,
tools, and a small frig,
my ears the radio's Christmas music
And while I listened to stories
(said to be based on fact, real and true ;-)
we drank hot toddies, just visiting,
toasted 'cheers' to the night, and
to the holidays.
 Warm and delicious the drink,
the fire and the company..
just us old hippies..
And so it went; now it seemed to me
a current was also carrying me,...
through each moment of each hour
 of every day, as it should be...

Today we are writing of hearth or home using familiar common speech...with Gay Cannon at


  1. smiles...a current indeed...would def have loved to be there to hear the tales based on facts...haha...those are fun times to me...the sharing of cool too on making the things out of the shells to give as gifts...hand made gifts carry such meaning as well....

  2. Beautifully the beach walk finding decoration possibilities. All the way through it gives the sense of walking along with you there...

  3. God, what a beautiful vision and sense of place. I would like to have a drink in that shed. Just once. Yes, just once.

  4. What a beautiful day you shared, Katy. I have a feeling of peacefulness after having traveled through this day with you. What an inspiring holiday poem.

    1. ..thank you, the peacefulness the drink gave me so I could sleep; )

  5. Beautiful home you painted for us here. Loved--"Water lazily lisped ashore at my boots"

  6. oh nice.... i love that you have the beach so close that you just can go there and collect shells for nice also the meeting in the hut and sharing those stories....sounds like you had a very cool time

  7. You open yourself up to your surroundings and get rewarded.

  8. so love how you are able to get all the senses awakened with your work

  9. Lovely imagery of your walk on the beach and in the woods ... great connection with nature and friends to celebrate beauty & joy :)

  10. Growing up in Boston made some of this familiar. All of it paints a lovely picture rich with the important things in life.

  11. I've never had a day like that and yet you put me there. I lived by the Gulf, but this is a different scene - one a person can't find traveling; but better this is an inner harmony, a celebration of a spirit - of the season, of nature, of community, of a life. This was perfectly beautiful and it makes me want to know you but better than that it allowed me to be with you that day. This piece was captivating and charming.

  12. I so enjoyed to spend a day with you.. the gentleness and the awareness of being.. you took us all along to the beach watching the eagles playing in the candy clouds.. mmm I long for such closeness to water

  13. what a pleasure to share your day! loved each detail and moment made special in your beautiful words - lovely! K

  14. Beautiful your words Katy and like Bjorn, I felt I spent my day with you. How good it is, when we meet with old friends and reminisce - oh the tales we can tell!
    Anna :o]

  15. This felt like a perfect day, preparing for Christmas, gathering shells to make ornaments, and a surprise invite complete with a fire and hot toddies. Beautiful glimpse of your world.

  16. an honest gift - one of your own time -- nice

  17. Beautiful setting and camaraderie visiting your old hippie neighbours . Ours aren't into the hot toddies so much...more the mandatory bongs and joints:)

  18. Beautiful imagery K Days like these don't come along very often from the moment of waking to the sun going down - sounds amazing - thank you for showing me your world in a day.


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