Saturday, January 18, 2014

Into the woods...

Surrounded by tall evergreens,
their outreached arms welcomed me,
wrapped themselves around me
strong and pristine they
lend me strength day into day,
night into night,

They stand straight and true,
provide constant protection
from harsher elements
Cedars' tops open a portal
where bright constellations pass over
beings mortal

In a clearing in the woods,
they shade me when too warm,
warm me with high sun when chilly
Eagles, owls fly through on silent arms
Upon the boughs snow layers itself as gild,
a secluded sanctuary

My wayward moon now hovers 
in calmness, highlights paths within
trails of needles, twigs, tiny cones,
crevices for small animal homes,
Alive with personalities,
they honor me, these trees

There is a bench to meditate,
where heart and soul commune;
they are my friends who listen as I roam
...but they do not belong to me
I happen to know who has which fate -
me, the forest, and the gnomes

Today Bjorn has us writing about trees or wood, or any aspect thereof; take a look at the other poetry at 


  1. a bit of magic there in the end...knowing that they don't belong to us but that we can appreciate them and share the forest with them...that we can be friends...i would say that meditation is paying off...smiles...i have a bench right out back myself...

  2. We don't own them so we should not cut them down ...but we do !

  3. I really loved the gentleness in this... to walk in a forest or looking up the majestic trunks.. a place to meditate while walking or by sitting.. the wood is such a good place to be.

  4. ...we, people, are so good at destroying what we do not own... but then your poem today is so beautiful & refreshing to read, katy... i have enjoyed it as much as being here over at your place again... thank you... smiles...

  5. nice... so much magic and rest and wonder to be found in the woods... i too would like to heart their stories... as a child i spent hours in the woods and now have one not far from the office where i sometimes flee to during lunch break....

  6. You extend such a lovely pic on the woods and trees. One can't imagine being cruel to them! But still they are indiscriminately felled for some reason or other! Nicely Kathy!


  7. just a wonderful poem... It took me right into the scene and I felt as if I was right there...

  8. I very much enjoyed this walk through the woods...among the trees we do not own.

  9. Beautiful words and phrases make this poem of yours sing.

  10. What beautiful descriptions of a peaceful forest. The poem itself has a meditative feel to it. Very nice.

  11. Love the last line. This was a lovely jaunt through the woods. Thank you for sharing your forest with us.

  12. I love the welcoming and honoring of the trees ~ Their strength & listening ears are my sanctuary too ~ And knowing where we are in this planet, our station in life is a blessing ~ Trees are not ours to own & destroy ~

  13. Beautiful. I DO like the idea of trees as friends who listen and protect.

  14. Your sweet poem lends itself to meditation...if only on the trees and their peaceful surroundings. They can restore our souls for sure. Thank you for the beauty.

  15. oops! I first read "bench" as "branch"--but I still adore that final stanza. Trees offer us so much, if we only stop to listen (and meditate). Thank you.

  16. There is a beauty and mystery in the woods and in your poem, Katy. Lovely.

  17. You make going into the woods sound so delightful...enjoyed this piece.

  18. i liked the journey you've painted for us... the solitude... the beauty

  19. Wonderful words of the beauty and protection of our tree friends.
    Anna :o]


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