Thursday, March 13, 2014


Today over at we are writing about closing our eyes and writing without the use of sight..about what goes on using all the other senses..what would it be like?

Weaving a dream from my old wicker chair
on the porch with days of spring arriving
I feel sun penetrate my shoulder blades;
when it hides I feel a shadowy stare
and taste the sweet clover tips' fare

I hear loud chatter at the bird feeders,
the pffst, pffst, pffst tweet of a chickadee, 
a kind of squawk from the two woodpeckers
Goldfinches  Kingfishers, sparrows and grebes
 have yet to knock on my door;  one sure thing - 
someone will count the hummingbirds this year
I have yet to hear the first robin sing
though I'm told they and nuthatches are near

Winds merge cedars' scent with salty sea air  
Chipmunks out of hibernation, scratching
up a tree, soon to arrive the sound of bees
I'll have flowers planted in colors of the rainbow
in the old wheelbarrow, I  imagine....

As I sip tea, I hear pages turning, 
ask my grand daughter what she is reading;
ask what she's wearing to the 8th grade dance
did she find the baby amaryllis,
see hellebores blooming mauve and cream?
Voices in the distance carry off key;
they tell  me much more than the eye can see

Feeling comfy with pillows for my back,
 shoes off per usual, meditating 
I no longer feel my feet connected
Childhood dreams in my heart's own mind fading
Tugged here by nature's wider amplitude
my marrow is as much at home here as violets
that I know grow low along the garden bed,
True feelings of having much gratitude 
for we are all part of everything

Ernest Hemingway's book sits on my shelf
He used the quote in  For Whom The Bell Tolls
  "No man is an island - entire of itself"   
Interdependent, butterfly effect 
one person dying diminishes us
our good is mirrored, in faces we reflect
So let the breeze blow the chimes and toll the bells   
to reach the ears of those who cannot hear
so they can listen to of the nature of things



  1. i man is an island...we're all connected and influence and mirror each other... what a peaceful moment you've captured here... great use of the senses...longing for warmer days now...

  2. A sensual evocation of joy in the coming of Spring.

  3. This is a great poem Katy and i loved the longing for spring and the sounds that herald its arrival. Very enjoyable indeed.

  4. You have written a very thoughtful poem, Katy! I like how the new warmth of spring brings both plans for the future as well as childhood memories which then lead to deeper reflections about our own mortality.

  5. my marrow is as home as violets....smiles....i can feel the spring seeping in....the sounds...the warm sun....i am def looking forward to it sticking the focus on the little skritched of the chipmunks and the birds...its like the world waking after the long sleep.....

  6. What a restful, as well as philosophical, poem you have shared this morning, Katy. I liked the mention of so many of the creatures of nature, which are so important to us; and I liked how you developed the theme of being interconnected. You have really expressed 'the nature of things' on both an objective and metaphorical level. Bravo!

  7. I feel restful & calm after reading your words ~ Weaving a dream I can hear and taste the coming of spring ~ I believed in that butterfly effect, one person dying dimishes us ~

    Have a good weekend K ~

  8. Ahh... the joys of spring. Thanks for this.

  9. Enjoyed this so much. I love that feel of sun warming me through my clothes. Nicely done.

  10. Wow - that is outstanding. I think you managed every sense in this; but more importantly you showed us the interconnections of all of nature, the satisfaction and the beauty of nature and how it marries into our everyday routine when we let it. Your use of language was as natural as the things you write about - each conveying a taste, texture, feeling, vision, or memory. Very fine work here indeed.

  11. This gave a feeling of warmth and comfort...hearing the pages turn while a loved-one is reading gives such an "at home" feeling. Beautiful!

  12. What a calm sensation sitting there inhaling the spring.. the birdsongs... the smells ... the small sound of pages turning.. really well captured.

  13. Calm, contemplative, you really pull us into all of your surroundings. I liked these lines in particular:
    "Voices in the distance carry off key;
    they tell me much more than the eye can see'
    Beautiful poem, I really enjoyed this.

  14. This is so good. A beautiful piece.

  15. The anticipation of spring will always invoke both memories and goodness to be savored for the future months. Nicely Cathy!


  16. quite like the closing couplet, kkkkaty ~

  17. So peaceful and such lovely Spring imagery. Here we haven't seen any signs of Spring yet and we're expecting another snowstorm this weekend. Your poem makes me dream of Spring. Smiles :)

  18. How absolutely wonderful you make it all sound!

  19. A beautiful lyrical poem. Familiar surroundings and sounds in anticipation of Spring.

  20. listening to the nature of things! you evoke them so well. perhaps the 'of' in the last sentence was a typo? :)


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