Tuesday, July 14, 2015


After a short hiatus the team at dversepoets.com has opened the pub today for more sharing of our poetry. We are asked to write no more than 12 lines re-introducing ourselves using six words - three which tell something about who we are or what is important to us and three words for things we are grateful for.  I am looking forward to reading what everyone has to contribute.
This is a re-written poem with a few slight changes. The words (plus 1) I chose are highlighted below:

I want to go beyond the unfair paradoxes of this world,
experience the fluid universe, 
swim through the salty brine of a cold cosmos - 
till I reach that serendipitous beach where I'll find 
yellow sunshine falling on driftwood, 
a cool place of unadulterated  peace of mind 
Where horses neigh, children are safe, all ills are cured;
There, the roads are paved with sincerityno bigotry or political foe
Outside, exquisite flowers grow; 
inside, friends dancing and bountiful art abide 
I'll rest in a cathedral of trees, for I will be home
Sorrow and happiness in my journeys intertwined, 
chained together in an infinite, rapturous melody


  1. If you ever find that place - you really need to give me a call. Ha. Sounds wonderful. Beautiful sight too,
    that sunshine on the driftwood - the sounds of the horses and children at play. I could get into
    that kinda peace.

  2. This is a beautiful line: I'll rest there in a cathedral of trees, for I will be home,

    I share your hope for a peaceful world and a journey chained together with rapturous melody ~ Thanks for joining us Kathy ~

  3. Loved the closing lines :)
    Beautifully executed.

  4. I agree with Grace; my favorite line is the one she also picked. It is good to maintain fellowship with dreamers, for without dreams, life would grind to a dystopian standstill. Your sanctuary, your living cathedral does exist, just over the bridge, along the wilderness bordering the North Cascades highway. Drive one day up past Lake Louise across the Cascades & into the Rockies. It is bliss.

  5. I love this Karen. It is your dream, but how wonderful if we could all share it. Thanks for this.

    (Karen for some reason a couple of comments you probably intended for others went on my blog.?)

  6. Such a gorgeous prayer. I know it is a poem but it reads as something holy, gentle, and powerful. Like you, I want to rest in that cathedral of trees - how close we come to the Almighty when at peace among them.

  7. you know - that sounds like a wonderful place... the road is paved with sincerity... i long for that esp. as well as there's way too much lies and corruption in our world

  8. 'I will see my journeys pass by...' so poignant, so evocative.

  9. Isn't this gorgeous--I just wanted to climb inside the poem!

  10. I rather expected to find a beach or seascape in your poem, and I was not disappointed!
    A lovely, dreamy, ideal place, do wish it could come true. Perhaps only for some of us individually...

  11. I moved here from Half Moon Bay, CA about 22 years ago. Just about a half mile from the beach, I saved my sanity by walking down, especially after stressful days at work (I had to commute 20 miles to.S.F.) and there I found such peace and wholeness. I love the ocean...but it was SO expensive.

  12. strong, restful and soothing

  13. I love your choice of words. Peace and sincerity are my favorites of the 6 (or 7). This poem shows the beauty of your heart. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you. Peace, Linda

  14. So many lovely lines but I believe 'cold cosmos' to be my favorite! I want to dwell here too. Lovely imagery.

  15. Beautiful imagery, Kathy...sounds like heaven, paradise restored someday!

  16. "a cathedral of trees"--what a depiction of utter peacefulness!


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