Friday, November 10, 2017

Ode to flannel pajamas


Ode to Flannel Pajamas

For as long as I can  remember,
they comforted me,
kept me safe, more than toasty warm at night,
reminding me it was fall -
always ready for an early bedtime.
As birthdays passed, I outgrew them quickly.
Mine had cuffs, pockets,
and presented themselves in all colors plaid.

Made from hand picked cotton
grown under a scorching sun,
washed hundreds of times,
flannel summer sheets also kept my body cool.
Napped on one side,the soft fabric,
associated with good horse-sense,
comfortableness, applesauce,
and bologna sandwiches for lunch,
swaddled me.
Snuggling in them with a teddy bear,
I dreamed of sailing boats, pussycats,
and stars in relation to Mars.
When wearing them,
it seemed all was right
in the wide, wide world,
as if it were made of sweet buttery
saltwater taffy.

All that, and I still wondered
about kids who wore nothing to bed
but skivies, walked all day on bare feet,
gunfire and bombs overhead
all through the night,
little food to eat.
I must have led a protected life,
growing up in middle America...
but I think I always knew
it was a perilous world,
not to be taken for granted;
I learned early each Christmas was precious -
and not just because  
there was, under the tree,
another set of flannel pajamas,
or a long red plaid flannel nightie!


  1. I like how you ended this. After bringing in the dangerous world you came right back to those flannel pajamas. Nice ode!

  2. I remember them well and well-deserved of this song of praise - clever use of the outside/inside elements

  3. Love the praise... and I also realize how warm it is inside when flannel pajamas seems unbearable warm... (or it's the down comforter)... yet we are blessed to have a soft bed to sleep on.

  4. They are very comforting, warm and just reminds you of home ~ We are lucky to have them, and even get another set every year during Christmas ~ Love your ode Kathy ~

  5. Nice! One of my favorite things as well.

  6. it was a dangerous world,
    not to be taken for granted

    It is noble to remember some people far away who may not be that fortunate as compared to those blessed around us. Great lines Kathy!



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