Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Thanksgiving Visitor

At today, we are writing of the word ‘visit’. I recall many memorable visits as well     as having been the visitor on many interesting occasions, but the following story takes the cake and I   was merely the reader/observer.


The Thanksgiving Visitor

“Buddy, you’ll catch your death,”
Aunt Sook chided.
Sixty, yet still childlike,
she’s his distant aunt.
She delivers a warm blanket to him,
an 8 year old, hiding,
seeking comfort in her wood shed.

Others do not understand
their friendship for it transcends
the ordinary realm.
Visiting her country home
for the holiday, Buddy
shares with her the harvesting
of pecans to make fruitcake,
flying kites, laughter
and inside jokes.

Running a risk of being read
much like a book report,
let me say, Truman Capote's
simple trilogy
speaks volumes of the living
Christmas spirit in
heartwarming antidotes
of holiday joy and mirth.
The pair are two peas in a pod,
a mutual admiration
society; the story,
a true treasure trove
of memories.

The Thanksgiving Visitor, One Christmas, and A Christmas Memory, were all made into TV movies.


  1. Thanks for posting to the prompt! I love the Christmas season for many reasons....and one is that it ushers in all the "old" movies, stories, and memories. You've done well here to recall that. :)

  2. I like those friendships that transcend the ordinary. They seem special as if they are pointing to something we can't normally understand or see.

  3. Love those sweet stories of Christmas and such an unexpected friendship... maybe it only takes giving someone some trust and you are rewarded back.


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