Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stars Tremble

Our Thursday prompt comes from Lillian at and the form is a Shadorma,  a phantom poem, origin unknown. Lines are 3-5-3-3-7-5, one or more verses, a fun challenge. The pretty ethereal watercolor below is by Whidbey Island artist, Judi Nyerges Art, and was my inspiration.

Stars Tremble 

Stars tremble
in concert with choirs
of angels,
the arrival of his soul
into high heavens,
cobalt blue.
From vast libraries
with stained glass
ceilings, halls,
and ivy covered brick walls,
sits for highest tea.

He explored
all laid before him
through Earth’s fog
and time log,
life’s beguiling mysteries,

His mind free,
ailing body gone,
there awaits
a kingdom,
only imagined before,
a physicist's dream

unnumbered gold stairs,
may he gleen
answers to
all his eternal queries,
new heights to explore.

Let him find
in his so doing,
keys for us
to unlock
secrets to the Universe,
holes for space travel

we are honored by
his presence,
we thank him
for shimmering equations,
light years of beauty.


  1. Everything about this tribute poem is so touching, Kathy. The watercolor, the release of a soul, the love and gratitude. How wondrous especially are your final two lines, equating his life's work to the very stars themselves, as if they twinkle a bit brighter because of his attention for them. Thank you!

  2. Yes – the chance to really find out all those mysteries he sought to solve. That would surely be Heaven for him!

  3. Love the conclusion with the lightyears of beauty... it penetrates everything

  4. What a lively, well-deserved tribute, Kathy.

  5. Happy birthday and best wishes on your coming book. I've been looking at Kindle Direct Publishing for one recently as well.

    1. Frank, you may have meant this comment for someone else as I have no book coming out and my birthday is Mar. 31.

  6. This is a stirring tribute to Stephen Hawking.

    I loved all of it, and the first stanza is probably one of the strongest examples of the shadorma form I've seen yet.

  7. words paired lovingly with the painting!


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