Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top of the world....

"It's only just begun......"

different women, different era
one body image too thin -
one too heavy

"Rolling in the De..e...eep...."

success built on a broken heart...
aglitter Armani bump

set a higher bar.....twitter..
this social phenomenon...

death threats to baby.... obscure unknown people..
why the hate?
..must be already hurting, but mustn't judge..
get off her backlash..

now out and about...proud...gifted.....24 year old Adele...
only brings beauty to others...

same old prejudices
- people need not be ranked, categorized.

i love you Gloria Steinem
 4 U show us the way

some women have 2 jobs and
...still don't have the courage?
...don't know yet that their previous party of self respect
left them first...

equal enacted!

so fly robin, fly!!  up into the sky!

let seraphic wings carry you
to your truest love...
may you drink of earth's purest springs
 - and sail far above all creation
              ...ever happily

dignified  - on top of the world

singing the most honeyed melodious strain - into the gentle winds
...awing angels

with your newborn baby blue love..grow
life has just begun


For  dVerse  this week I have to say I gambled on this.  Unfamiliar with the culture of this poetry, it was a matter of just throwing it out there.  If you are a fan of the low art/high art New York poetry style you might want to read some other entries.


  1. smiles....i like the message within on growing up a bit and getting over some of the same things that have haunted us for years...the same expectations and prejudices....i like it when someone famous, a singer or such does not fit the mold...i like adele as well...she has grown on me a bit...smiles.

    1. ..thank 13 yr old grand daughter loves her..

  2. nice..i like...isn't it weird that we tend to categorize people...i too like if they don't fit in these drawers of our minds..

  3. singing the most honeyed melodious strain - into the gentle winds
    ...awing angels

    Such beautiful sentiments embraced by your luscious diction throughout. I was born in 73 so the Carpenters, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, and Emmylou Harris, etc. were my earliest singing idols. Karen's story scared me straight, curing my adolescent fling with anorexia, feminists kept me straight so I loved this, thank you. I live under a rock when it comes to pop culture having lived without television most of my life so I had to Google Adele, wow!

    1. ..thanks, I'm glad you related to it..

  4. I like this tribute to Gloria Steinem and Adele. Enjoyed this poem and all the issues you addressed in it.

  5. But then of course women singers were so controlled then...and it's so different now

  6. I LOVE both their voices and Mama Cass too - the key is what the pioneers said - the up with consciousness crusade of the 70s that said - STOP betraying your women sisters, start supporting them!!! Stop being jealous and criticizing, start building self-esteem in your daughters. Tell them to make the best of their best and ignore their deficiencies, accent their oddities, cash in on their talents, and for the love of all women DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! It's the only way. We still have SO FAR to go, but every step counts! Great poem.

    1. ..'we have come a long way, baby' as the saying goes, but barriers and stigmas still exist..thanks

  7. I like the way you connected the two ladies, Karen and Adele, both from different times, yet still living under close scrutiny from the public ~ We women still have the a long way to go but our voices are growing stronger ~

    1. ..I'll say...just look at the women in congress and all fields of endeavor..thanks..

  8. We hold ourselves back by being so hateful to each other. I'll never understand it.

    1. Brian mentioned, a lot has to do with maturity and common courtesy in the social media...

  9. Being slim and chic is nice. So also being a bunny and an activist. Such a versatile lady. Nicely Kathy!


    1. ..some are not destined to be any of the above...each has a niche ;)


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