Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maya and Joseph on a date...

Today at  Bjorn has us writing  haibun, which begins with prose and closes with a short poem that has a definite impact on the subject matter or haiku.  I chose to write about two people I greatly admire.

First, a quote from the esteemed Joseph Campbell, writer and scholar -

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” 
― Joseph Campbell

Prose I wrote this morning paraphrasing a lot of what this man says -

As testament to the newly born soul,
contrary to Western way  of thinking,
we have no further to look than ourselves
for answers to the riddles of all time
To the world we bring innocent pleasure;
as we grow we learn conniving and bitter traits
If one looks to myths of time,
we see commonalities unmistakably
resurrected repeatedly.
They in turn point to countless treasures within our being
These gifts are clues for reasons we exist,
and define our meaning; ultimately
we are to give them viability,
breath, express their beauty and variety,
their good
Our challenge is to use all resources
for the sole artful expression of life
through love.
We do this to give meaning to the world

Next, a short poem I wrote for all of us dreamers about the two of them together-

Maya and Joseph, icons of our time,
join each other in  heaven to dine
Compliments all around on each other's work
Her smile is wide as she enjoys dessert
Illuminating their conversation,
topic of modes of living all over the earth -
Memeing away long hours with stories 
many of us have never heard
Their hearts whole and giving,
their minds full of knowledge;
I'd like to drink in all the information,
hide behind a hedge
I can imagine it happening sometime soon,
somewhere over a rainbow,
clicking their wine glasses 
and donned in....halos 

And my haiku -

Spirits united
T'would be grand to know the way
Follow their footprints

Quote of Maya Angelou -
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."
 _Maya Angelou




  1. ah, i was very sad to lose maya...and i like a lot of what campbell shares as well...
    i think in many ways we can answer a lot of the questions by looking inside ourselves
    we struggle with so many questions of identity that it often clouds anything we can learn
    inside ourselves....i like your haiku...and feel the same....

  2. I think having great men and women to follow, we can find the right path in our lives to be good human beings.. you haiku made me really nod.. yes I agree.. this is great.

  3. I am sure that Maya and Robert and many others who have gone before are having wonderful conversations. By now they have it all figured out, I am sure. We here on earth will have to wait a while.

  4. I was saddened by Maya Angelou's death. She was a most inspiring woman and has left a beautiful legacy. I am sure they are happy to have her up there.

  5. Yes, our loss is the next world's benefit, whatever and wherever that may be. Very deep thoughts and very cleverly written.

  6. i read some quotes by maya today and just from the quotes you see how a wonderful woman she must have the one you chose as well and oh i bet they're having some lovely conversations

  7. OMG, what a brave insightful colossus you have shared, metaphysical to the 99's, rich as marzipan, a thoughtful poetic spear into our lethargic spleens, and wow, some prose poetry, followed by real poetry, followed by a haiku, and another create set of quotes; the universe pushed your creative buttons today, & I adore the results, sending my white light to merge with yours in a quiet fold of time.

    1. Oh my goodness!! Flattery will get you everywhere...ha...I appreciate what you have to say, seriously; it give me faith that I can reach some people some of the time ;) Thanks, Glenn!

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  10. How good it is that the great minds of others can be our guide. We have much to learn and much to give - if only we believed in ourselves as we believe in others We are our destiny, the destiny of all man(and of course women)kind is in our hands - let us all leave our footprints.
    Anna :o]

  11. Super creative approach here. Much to give surely and to sing about. K.

  12. Oh to sit at table with folks like these! A great call to personal potential. Love this.

  13. Sadly Maya left the scene. Great take here Katy! Lots to savor in one offering!


  14. I really like your title and I like the message...we can offer so much in this is up to us to do so.

  15. Interesting juxtaposition — I love the way their respective quotes, bookending your piece, convey similar messages in such distinctive ways.

  16. I like how your haibun had more than just prose and haiku, but great quotations at the beginning and end, as well as the poem. Great piece!

  17. You combined so many things into a beautiful tribute--photos, quotes, prose, poetry. Excellent.


  18. Beautiful tribute and haiku - follow their footprints indeed... Regards Scott


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