Thursday, June 26, 2014

Earth time...

Dadaism was born of the brutality of World War I.  Disillusioned artists of all disciplines, affected by the degradation of social structures, repressive cultural values and unquestioning acceptance of such a war, rebelled against the status quo. A loosely affiliated network of artists and poets, originally clustered around Zurich, adopted a subversive and revolutionary approach to visual art, performance art and poetry. They sought to destroy the hoaxes of reason. The focus of their work was not so much on beauty or appearance as on the ideas the work conveyed. The Dadaist movement laid the groundwork for abstract art and sound poetry. 

___by Victoria Slotto at      

I've cut up the first poem and chose words randomly to make it a true dada poem....mia culpa for not doing it right the first time;)   Please read what others have written over at the pub for some.  I'll have to cut it up and  good entertainment!  It really is not dadaist..


We track the minutes between labor pains,
almost always can guess the time or hour
Eons have gone by, dark and ice ages
"Time, time, time is on your side" -
"la de da da dee"
Some people have enough time in their lives 
to read lots of books, 
yet keep up their multiple blogs and zines 
Time is a gift
Exactly how much time does it really take 
to write profound melodies -
how long is a laugh, a sigh,
how do you measure "chance"?
Carl Sagan spoke of billions and billions 
of light years and stars going by 
My alarm is set 5 minutes fast
On the 7th day 
the Lord took his rest-
                                                             and J Lo wears tight pants                                                                                                                                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Guess what time it is - eons gone by,
  profound gifts -  the Lord's blogs and zines,
Laugh a melody,  between the Dark ages,
 stars going by, 
Write a billion chances ahead of  
billions of sighs  
Carl Sagan's alarm is set 5 minutes ahead
 The ice age is on your side,  
multiple light years,  
 enough time to 
read the hours between people and books 
- and J Lo's wears tight pants 
                                                  to take to the 7th day                                                
always enough , measure of rest
Light years in minutes
 labor pains, 
exactly keep track
La de da da dee



  1. ha - that close made me smile.. time is a big theme and sometimes i wish i would manage to let go a bit more... but i even have intervals between being very very structured and being very very very unstructered and chaotic...smiles
    and for some things - if we don't take the time - we will never find it...

    1. I like the idea of time as a precius soul- carl Sagan gave us reference to infintite beauty-

  2. ha. j lo we need to learn to rest a bit more if even god took time for it, you know...
    time, well, i dont know that it is on anyones side...i guess we make of it what we will...smiles. and five minutes ahead, you are never late....

  3. Interesting reflections on time, Kathy! Sometimes I feel I have all the time in the world while there are times when it just flies. Time is indeed relative!

  4. Yes,,, and the climax is always the pants.. ... I think the way you scale down from the large to the small make total sense ..

  5. This was fun. I liked the progression. I think we all experience minutes in different ways, and I think the Lord knew what he was doing when he took his 7th day rest!

  6. I don't wear a watch anymore. :-)

  7. Time like wealth is always in short supply; never enough of it; the measurement of movement, or lack of it, countdowns, warnings, length of orgasms--truly inexorable, moving on without us while we slumber, creating chaos & catastrophe while we chase dream lovers & ride flying giraffes. They say that on the other side of the veil, time does not exist; past & future just appendages of the eternal Now; I got to get me some of that!

  8. Shall we dance on the clock shall we turn back time where hands slide into somewhere's depths/ there nowhere's shadows shine like stars. Shall we rumba with a football then kick it past the goalposts toward the silvery sliver hanging like a paperdoll-cut-out-in-the river of no regrets beyond the starry letters who liquify words where waters run ink...(loved the poem...i'm writing dada comments)

  9. Made me LOL--I love how you wrote such free-standing images yet somehow they are connected by time. The final line is priceless.

  10. And sometimes, we even find time to make time, such time-benders we are! And if you want something doing, ask a busy person.... :)
    And... I wold need a rest if I wore tight pants like J-Lo!

  11. Thank you all...I think that is the shortest poem I've written in quite awhile...saving reading time;)

  12. Time is patience, earth is her patience to us all.

    I love your poem very much. :)

  13. Smiling at your ending lines, lovely mix of creation and time ~ Enjoyed this one Katy ~

  14. Creative mind wanders through it just as haphazardly as Dada.

  15. "Exactly how much time does it really take
    to write profound melodies" ... It takes what it takes, I suppose. If we each come up with one in a lifetime, we're probably doing pretty well.

  16. This is rhythmic, and not only because it talks of time. I like your piece about time - people consider time differently indeed. Some look at the quantity, some at the quality. I particularly love this phrase - "Exactly how much time does it really take
    to write profound melodies -
    how long is a laugh, a sigh,
    how do you measure "chance"?"

  17. On the 7th Day J Lo wears tight pants! Ha, ha, may have to remember that one for future reference! And I too wonder how some people have time to read, write and keep up their social media presence...

  18. It seems as if time sometimes plays tricks on our minds doesn't it? How it ebbs and flows, goes faster and slower, etc.

  19. love this time theme...and what an end !! :D :D

  20. This made me think of Chicago's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"
    Very nicely done.

  21. Time is taken for a long and winding journey. Most intriguing as what dada can allow. Great write Kathy!


  22. a lot of ways to measure time....although I have never though of tight pants being one of them... :-)

  23. Speaking as someone who shamelessly wastes time on youTube instead of meeting writing deadlines, your poem really hits me where I live. Dada or no-dada, I greatly enjoyed your poem.


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