Sunday, August 3, 2014

..small curses

Yesterday, I rounded the hill with ease;
how is it I move so slowly today, again.
after heeding the mountain's keen advice,
why the turn about so quick this time,
for I turned myself inside and out
to get out of the house

I asked the sagacious sky if it's
more frequent because of age,
body's steam runs hot and then suddenly cold
Energy realized one day is again sapped,
like climbing backwardly

It can be difficult to stay on an even keel,
of ebbing and waning the moon must know
I asked the all knowing falling rain why
I'm turned around, lost, going down,
more these days than not.

Today I'm less able to run the race,
circumvent the fact that I'm in the throws
of another fibromyalgia attack,
only I'll be fine and I'll be back,
as the hill diminishes  -
worse things have given me flack onward as she finishes
but what about the inside and out of things


  1. nice hanging line out there...what about the inside and out of things...
    life goes up and down...some days its shadows...some days light...
    and we are better some than other...its all life...

  2. hope you're feeling better again... i got hit by a virus infect and felt like dying the last three days... our body is not a machine and influenced by so many things... we often tend to forget this...

  3. true...being 67 is not old, but there are some days one feels much older - and virus's do not help...glad you are better, too.


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