Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just the other day..

Marina has us write poetry along the margins at dversepoets.com today, poetry that happens while we're busy with the important things in life and maybe almost miss the small but really spectacular and life-changing things going on around us..

We walked the sandy beach that day,

in search of shells, 
and watched the dogs and
their owners with no leashes
Only there, do I feel as they do,
unleashed and free 
to romp and play, 
though in a more subdued way; 
seaweed and broken shells swept away 
by incoming morning tide 
The wind was balmy, no chill on my neck, 
warmth inside me;
clouds allowed a narrow strip of blue 
to open on the horizon
I looked afar and studied the surf,
kicked clumps of sand with my boot
I searched for the little girl who frolicked once, 
used to jump incoming waves,
who learned to love the sea 
early, its smells, the fog, 
seagulls calling, hidden caves
Reminiscing childhood days -
when brother and sisters 
played at her side, 
where tender dreams were born and fed
of places she longed to set her feet,
far away lodgings she wished 
to lay her head

It was a lifetime ago, 

but voices can still be heard 
loudly and clearly;
the sad-eyed basset wagging his white tail,
howling as we buried ourselves 
in the warmth of soft sand and sun
Gone are those times, 
but for photographs and old movies run
But supposedly, they are recorded by 
heaven's quilled pens in mighty script,
in the sky, giant graffiti wisps -
with notes in the margins that read 
"families that play together
 stay together and...."
Abruptly, the thought came to an end
Suddenly, in the present day,
I let my legs get wet; 
water cold, but I didn't care; 
took off the boots, my bare feet
needed to sink 
into the sand and foam, 
my thoughts let out to roam,
like strings attached to kites soaring 
with my soul to the treetops
where eagles watched us below,
 a good salty taste on my lips
No unbroken or perfect shells 
to put in my pockets that day
just thoughts and feelings to take home,
pulling at my heart strings 
like a giant bow,
unmercifully telling me 
that little girl is me,,.and she is free..
to ' let it all be' -
'just let go!'


  1. ah i would so love to be by the shore...and taking in the beach...where did the time go? i bet you can still hear that little girl...though for me...while i love to frolick and play...just being there...taking in the salt and motion...it does it for me....

  2. This is a beautiful reflection Kathy, so well written and with a lovely sense of release and moving forward. Excellent response to the prompt.
    Why would you stop writing at 74?

  3. Being 70+ right now, I'm just hitting my stride poetically; thanks in big part to poets like you that I run with at dVerse. This poem is both epic & personal; sharing past & present co-mingled in the moment; loved your lines /recorded by/ heaven's quill pen in mighty script/in the sky graffiti wisps/; terrific piece, thanks.

  4. Beautiful, seamless blending of past and present, of memory and delighting in the present beauty of the sea...

  5. Only by the sea I can feel that little boy -- looking at awe at the breaching surf... I like how you use the images of dogs unleashed throughout the poem. Somehow at the sea, they become more human... (like we wished we would be).

  6. Beautiful poem. You have captured the essence of sea and its shore in these poetic verses.

  7. The sea and your memories. Nice poem.

  8. love the freedom there in the close... the sinking in of the feet into the sand - feeling the water and making peace with the past as well..

  9. I love the energy I felt in the poem once you shed what held you back from letting go. Good poem.

  10. i think the metaphor for taking one shoes off and sinking and rooting into the sand of life.. is such a great one for the connection of life.. that does grow cold.. in a metaphor of clothing.. what is free and natural as we do connect to mother earth.. and as always science attempts to come up for the reasons why.. like the bacteria in dirt increase serotonin levels and such and such as that..

    But when we look within.. we find the truth.. after all 14.5 billion years of growing evolving beings we still do share with all as one.. from that one point of beginning we all do share.. in the scientific way of scribing this with knowledge in genetics too... for the imprint of life so far in the past.. is written in our genes...

    Ah.. separation.. the saddest illusion of all culture and religion too....

    We are gifted as one.. and cursed with the ability to separate ourselves in illusion away from ONE..too...

    So bask in the comfort of sand between my toes.. and know that the grain of sand and i are one.. still at the same atomic core we are always are.. but it is not science.. it is emotion.. and feeling that bring me there.. to the place of connection that the toes..
    and sand

    do know...in instinct and intuition.. emotional and physical intelligence...

    the greatest intelligences for ALL..as always too..:)

  11. The sea and the mountains call to us - each sings to our primitive heart

  12. ugh, such freedom by the sea... kicking lumps of sand, making new discoveries of what washes onto shore, surrounded by people who care. I want to go there now.. smiles

  13. such a nice flow of thoughts.....and that feeling of freedom is great....!!

  14. Just lovely...
    The sea (or in my case, a very large lake) is very calming.

  15. There is nothing better to take home from a walk on the beach than thoughts and feelings :)

  16. I love the storytelling feel of this poem, and it makes me want to take my sweetie-pies back to the beach this weekend.

  17. A lovely moment of epiphany. Thanks. k.


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