Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flipper - for Dverse

Bjorn has us writing cubism today at  We are challenged to write true avant-garde in the spirit of Gertrude Stein, focusing on sounds an simple words

Dolphins bask and flap their flippers
- then there's Flipper,
the screen star flapping his fins,
flip flops, my shoes
Flipping pancakes,
the first one, of course, gets thrown out
because it's never perfect,
usually burned, not nicely browned
Like kids who are thrown out
of the house, live in the streets,
but the dilemma is more
than meets the eye;
they cook Meth, do drugs,
and generally don't care -
parents' despair
They burglarize to support their lifestyle
which is no style at all
Glad I am not a young mother now,
When I reach the age of my mother
when she died, will I die?
Or will I pass before? Or,
how far beyond will I surpass
her time on earth?
But she is not of this earth;
she sits on the middle star of Orion's belt,
Alnilam,  or is it Betelgeuse?
Or Beetlejuice?
She told me from there
there's an excellent view
and she's probably conversing
with Gertrude Stein about art
I can't be sure, though,
maybe she said the star was Rigel,
or Bellatrix ?


  1. oy, meth...we have a bit of that here....sad, i have a few sad stories there...maybe i will stick to pancakes
    butter, mmm....i am a light syrup kinda guy, just enough to hint at taste....bellatrix....harry potter!

  2. Ah.. I think you embraced the idea in some of the parts.. the first part of the dolphin is really cool.. and then you hook into that real idea of meth children.. actually that is very cool.. it's like when you hum a random tune, and all of the sudden find yourself singing a familiar melody... I like it..

  3. I think many wonder whether they will live beyond the age their own mother lived. And, I do think it would be hard to be a young mother today with so many different challenges needing to be faced today.

  4. Oh Kathy, you rocked the prompt, but like me, there were slender wonderful threads of logic still sticking to words from line to line; & I really dig that. I love that Gertrude Stein found her way into it, & your stream of consciousness is sterling, bang on, creating a fine ride, yet not leaving out your self, emotion, metaphysics; a beautiful complex stunner of a poem; so cool.

  5. I like the flipping flippers part ~ And the whole ending of the Orion's belt ~ I would love to sit and take in the wondrous view from there ~ Good one Kathy ~

  6. Flipper reminded me of my teenage TV wednesday afternoons and I love how you went from there just associating sounds and then images, then sounds again and so on. You did really well, Katy!

  7. Oh I did enjoy this the thought of one's mother sitting on a star in a far off galaxy, works for me....

  8. it would be surely interesting to talk to gertrude stein a bit - she was a very interesting woman - cool on weaving in flipper as well there...and the different stars...

  9. words and their sound carry one from one image to well done!!

  10. an interesting flow of thought. the alliteration at the beginning was nice. the questions at the end made me smile.

  11. I liked this flow of thoughts and words, and isn't that exactly how the mind works anyways, skipping from one idea or "capture" to another? Interesting thought on living past the age of your mother when she passed. It's hard not to think about that. My mom passed at 41 and my dad at 50. I have outlived both now, and for me there is comfort in being here for my family. Liked the imagery of sitting on a star in Orion's belt, or perhaps "Hulk Hogan's" belt as my son once called it when he was young!!


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