Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rolling river...

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Rolling on the river, roll on
Hold me in your major C chord
Rock me with trombone waves
that bend and break,
back and forth repeating
Can you hear the drums
underscore the melody?
The splish splashing 
of the mermaids tails, 
the trickle of liquid keys?
When you hear the bass strings thump
behind the piano's tune,
you are rolling on the river,
riding the river's blues
Sometimes it plays another song,
if your ears are keen;
more like the Lindy Hop
or a lounging smooth beguine
Rolling on the river, roll on
It is music for the soul -
can make you tap your toe;
it can sing you to sleep  
in murmurs adagio
or send your heart racing
when the undercurrent eddies 
and flows
winding, piping arias into the sea,
imagine Huck Finn, you and me..
Rolling on the river, roll on


  1. rather fanciful...i do like the sound of the river...of the water moving on...
    you gonna finish it?

    1. ....thanks for reminding me, Brian..I didn't think I had published what little I had written. Here is the rest of the poem.

    2. cool. the song of the river does change...and i like that you bring that out as well...and cool comparison you make to that change...roll on river...smiles.

  2. nice... the river has its own melody and rhythm - for me it's soothing to just sit next to it and take in the melodies and sounds...

  3. Such clever use of so many old songs, like a medley to dance in. Let yourself be indulged like that river rolling.

  4. ah, the ocean flows as freely as the music in this poem... especially loved,
    "The splish splashing
    of the mermaids tails,
    the trickle of liquid keys" - stellar :)

  5. I specially like: you are rolling on the river,
    riding the river's blues

    Lovely cadence K, capturing the ebb and tides of the river ~

  6. I grew up near a river - this nailed it!


  7. River rats, houseboaters, fishermen/persons & interlopers all, the river has always been the rhythm, never sleeping, serving all forms of music, classical to hip hop, changing up; especially those rivers close to the sea, subject to the tides; very creative response to the prompt, Katy; really enjoyed the Huckleberry Finn raft riding.

  8. Groovy piece. Love- "The splish splashing / of the mermaids tails," and the overall rolling river vibe.

  9. To me 'rolling on the river' of song and dance..

    is a place where the glue of love of life..

    IS secure.. and only bending.. never breaking.. in fear of life...

    And in fact.. the emotions.. are..

    true power.. emoting human..being.. social cooperative effort..

    yes!.. elixir of life...

    that flows.. when one lets it all go..in LOVE!

    never a fear of life..

    eternity now.. yes now.. in love.. of LIFE..

    where a LIVE is ALL tHere is that matters...
    NOW!...one as IS ONE in the Interdependent relationship of all tHere IS!

  10. love all the voices you gave this.

  11. Beautiful flow of life - Kathy, quite a journey that you invite us to be a part of..loved it...

  12. The beat and the river made me think of the Mississippi river so I smiled when I saw Huck Finn's name.

  13. Love this! Feels so musical and whimsical. Great visuals along the way...rolling on the river.

  14. This poem flows like a river, Kathy. One of your best...

  15. entrancing...you really bring the sound of the river to life; I can feel the vibrations surrounding me and enticing.

  16. I can imagine all that to the trickle of liquid keys. A very nice write!


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