Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prophet vs Profit...

How dare I - who am I,  to paraphrase his beloved work...his vision and wisdom put forth in one small book?   A masterpiece - the face of his soul on the cover of the little black book on my bookshelf..I read it again, it bears repeating, so the world can hear...

When a storm comes
         and winds shake our world
             we wonder how to navigate the discord?
And when the serenity of the hills
        gives us peace, how we exalt each new day!

But in our souls we sometimes struggle
        between right and wrong,
            justice and injustice
On the other hand,  we sing melodies and praises
         of all that's right and within our reason

How are we to be
         our own peacemakers
              when the battlefield is within ourselves?
 For without one, we do not understand
         or know how the flip side might be

The other side of the coin,
         so to speak, clashes; therefore
               the rivalry between good and evil
All creates a battlefield in our souls
         where we misplace our common sense

Reason becomes fused with appetite;
         appetite fuels passion that smolders
               In the sea of reason, our judgement
wages war against oneness
         Our sails and rudder broken, we drift or burn

 Destructive fears and pain
         take the place of reason,
               and turns around  passion in our sails
 In spite of nature's propensities for violence
         and inhumanity, our faith fails
 Instead, let us me mindful of balancing,
         attending to our Yin and Yang
               Let us direct our energy
 to live and breathe love and faith
         to cultivate passion with diplomacy


  1. i just left a comment at georgesplace for debi...on if we could survive if peace broke out...i think if peace ever has a chance we have to make peace with ourselves...still our minds...let go of some fears...and allow reason to have a place....learn to live with our own emotions...then we can be peacemakers....

  2. Groovy piece. It really all is about the battle within. Love the title.

  3. Ah.. so much the same sentiment as debi. the real battle is within ourselves.. the border between good and evil cut the human heart in 2...

  4. I enjoyed your inspiring and positive lines, Kathy. Winning the battle within is the first step toward more sustainable peace. The closing stanza is my favorite.

  5. It does seem sometime like some of the most important battles are fought in our souls. Hopefully good will reign in the end. Enjoyed this, Kathy. Thought - provoking.

  6. So many answers within--peace, diplomacy, homeostasis between instinct & morality, controlling the dark passenger that resides behind our spleen--gosh, I'm just too old, too sarcastic, seen too much, felt too much, lost so much & so many that the white light between your lines of poetics just barely hits my visual emotional spiritual spectrum. I applaud your beautiful soulful heartfelt stab at a solution, do not judge your motives, love your love, but still......

  7. I am so ready to give peace a chance. : )

  8. I like this part very much:

    How are we to be
    our own peacemakers
    when the battlefield is within ourselves?

    And the turn to light & hope in the ending ~ Good one Kathy ~

  9. I agree that the basic battle field is within...human nature !

  10. VERY cool response to the prompt. The first and last battlefield lies within. Excellent.

  11. Let us direct our energy
    to live and breathe love and faith

    We sincerely hope and yearn for peace. It is a tragedy that peace is so elusive much less on what to do once peace is achieved. Mankind is so bent on conflicts that peace is just thrown to the winds. Great write Kathy!


  12. loved the hope of peace throughout... great follow in your poem

  13. you've really captured that inner battle we all must face

  14. destructive fear and pain do take over for reason and cause wars, you are so right

    Born to Strife and Contention

  15. i think only in knowing both sides we manage to find that way to love and to use our energy to make the world a better place...


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