Thursday, April 13, 2017

Johnnie could sing..


Heartache and soul,
Johnnie plainly could
sing up a storm
Voice of satin,
he had great form
Great emotion spilled
from his chest and vocal chords
He sang only to me
it seemed -
for during puberty,
no one cried quite as much as I
Walking in the rain,
sun, or foggy day,
somehow I could not
get over sweethearts along
the way,
angst of adolescence
blue days and sadness -
this helped me get through
those times
Even now, we know
it is healthy to cryyyyy!


  1. The sun always shines and those dark clouds pass by. Nice songs. It is healthy to cry.

  2. oh the angst of those teenage years! Loving this one too :) Do you remember the Roy Orbison songs? He could REALLY whale out the songs as in "Crying, Crying, I'm Crrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyying over you! " Have enjoyed both your posts! :)

  3. Cry away, its healthy to do so ~ He has such a sweet smooth voice ~ Thanks Kathy for joining us ~

  4. Touching one.
    It's healthy to cry & release the pent-up emotions.


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