Friday, May 9, 2014

Daisy Mae today...


Claudia at  asks us to write a poem with dialog....quite the challenge.  This was something I wrote a long time ago and had only 9 views, so maybe now more will read it.;)

   Yokum family - Daisy Mae & The Smoos

She seldom complained,
one of her countless virtues 
Li'l Abner took her for granted 
Daisy Mae is blond, 

not dumb; she has a brain,
voluptuous without being bad 

"Daisy, them peas need to be planted." 

Today, this is how she might respond:

"Well, Abner, today I'm goin' shoppin',
get me a nice dress,
a job, too!  I'm sick and tired
 a' wearin' the same blouse everyday!"
"Now Daisy," Li'l Abner says, "don't fret -
you gotta stay on the farm. 
Don't leave!."
"'..sides, I cain't afford it anyway."
She was determined, 
sold her blond locks,
bought new clothes and shoes.
"And I ain't goin' bareboot no more!
 Gotta get one a those laptops!"
She was more the wiser now,
"Abner, you just pig headed;
why, I gotta be respected, 
earn equal pay 
for equal work!
'swhat Gloria Steinem say!"

In this modern day,
being sexy is allowed
and she can use her skills and talent.
Not a Martha Stewart, 
but not a Beverly Hillbilly either
No more did she want to be like
the "winnen folk" in Dogpatch
Men would woo her properly.
But any fool can plainly see
her love was meant for only Li'l Abner,
yet, her worthless true love 
showed little interest in her,  

Daisy's mother, Mammy Yokem,
speaks her peace:
"She won you in a foot race,
on Sadie Hawkins Day!  Ain't you got
no sense, Abner?  All you do is wile
your time away,
out in them hills,
and she do all  the work!"
Abner responded, "ah- I know she trick me 
into matrimony
I was a busy huntin' and making whiskey!

If I had my drothers", he said,
"guess I don't want her to go,
She can sure cook up a storm!"
Mammy took her pipe out of her mouth,
"Sonny, she do things 'naturly'...
and be "bootiful" at the same time, don't know what you got 
till you 'bout to lose it!!"

Daisy Mae told them both -
"No mo' pigs runnin' free,
I'se gonna be successful!
my boss is gonna respect me, 
not make me do all the work!
Suddenly, a puzzled look came over her face.
"But...if I was livin' like that,
I'd have to leave li'l Honest Abe
home all day; oh, my poor baby!
 Why, then my life 
would be incomplete!"
Abner smiles, "Daisy Mae,
is you gonna stay? real life is with us,
cuz we have the most amoozin 
but confoozin life!"
"Ok, Abner," cried Daisy Mae,
"let's leave well enough alone
an go back to what we was doin?!"
She hugged him and he hugged her back 
harder than ever before.

So if you are interested in reading more
about the Yokums and the Smoo family,
turn to your newspaper cartoons, 
and "CORN-tinue" to read -



  1. hahaha...i have seen the comic strip prior...and its an interesting and humorous commentary you put together...each gain, each freedom comes with losing something, that is for sure...perhaps the baby is the greatest loser, not having a parent to raise him....

  2. Sadie Hawkins would've been proud. A nice twist to the old Toon, "Big Yellow Taxi" in Dogpatch! I like this take

  3. Emancipation comes to Dogpatch; what a concept; but in a world where too many women are still regarded as chattel, keeping them barefoot, pregnant, & uneducated, the grit of truth in your sly fable is blazoned on the news daily; unfortunately.

  4. yeah most amusing and confusing life indeed... :)

  5. oh that was a highly entertaining read... love the style and storytelling in this... cool

  6. Ha.. what a great story.. I recognize the strip.. from being a kid, but I can't say I ever understood it... I think you got the gist out of the roles of the story......

  7. Daisy might give up the world for Abner, I guess when she sees that women still have to fight for equality. Course in their little world, women stayed in control with the tricks of the oppressed.

  8. So enjoyed this one K ~ The language & setting & characters of the couple was well done ~ I felt like I was in the room listening to their conversation ~

  9. A truly wonderful write Katy - enjoyed so much.
    Sometimes we are skewed off the path of what we are led to believe we 'want' more than we have - but in reality we have so much more than we want...
    Anna :o]

  10. Great story. Not sure women's rights are well-served by such submissiveness, mind you.


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