Saturday, March 29, 2014

...Mermaid of OsoStrong...

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 No prompts or topics to write about, I couldn't help think of our neighbors less than 50 miles from here who have experienced tragedy this last week.  Whether you've read about it or not, it's something that could happen anywhere with all the weather changes in the world, and does in fact impact many from time to time, whether it be drought or storm. My heart goes out to the community.
Everyone is lending a hand in one way or another.

There was no duel or battle
as we know it;
no cloaks or daggers lay in disarray
No noble cause for which they fought,
Lives were lost in a war they didn't wage
The enemy disguised in global warming garb,
on Mother Nature's battlefield,
left them no defense to withstand
the dangerous shifting Lahar
Their names now immortalized in clay,
wreckage is all that remains
Under a mountain of Mississippi mud,
homes, property and trees
across the mile wide rural community
Violent like a tornado or earthquake,
horrific as the eruption of Pompeii,
now a burial place for some
in streets of brittle bones
at the town's feet,
exact locations unknown

But still I search for you at the riverside,
cold water rising, numbing my mind
Wherever you are I want to catch you,
hold you in my arms, save you,
setting you free
I'll sit upon this large rock,
waiting endlessly
Muddy brown flowers float unnoticed in debris
under a blustery rainy sky
After days of searching,
my body collapses and I cry
Then piercing between the clouds
a rainbow dives,
bending toward the swollen river-
about where our old swimming hole
used to be and we long ago met
And I see you there, as in a mirage
twirling your hair in your fingers,
as I used to do;
you are rinsing your hair in witch hazel,
playing among scented orchids;
and I see the smile on your face
as you look at me and wave -
from under the cool, clear waterfall


  1. changes in an instance...the eart shifts...the mud slides...lives are lost...
    another poet wrote this week saying their husband was one of the searchers
    has to be heart breaking...the waiting, hoping when little is left...
    the mirage of memories of a time before...

  2. I didn't read that one ..I will go back...think I commented on most of them; enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)

  3. Oh, it must be so heartbreaking to search and search and know that the search is in vain. I am just so saddened by all that happened in Oso. I used to spend a lot of time out in Arlinging, WA, so this hits home.

    1. Several poets who contribute to dverse live in the area or have been nearby...thanks for your comment Mary

  4. I'm about 50 or so miles south of that tragic event. You poignantly captured the helpless empathy pains that my wife and I both feel right now. Feels like we should be doing more than just Red Cross. I'm glad you approached this subject.

    1. The Red Cross is the best next to actual being there and not many of can physically do that even though we would like to...thanks.

  5. Both heartfelt and heart-wrenching. Prayers to all who are dealing with the aftermath.

  6. Were it not for your words - I would not have known of this disaster. (Real life at present - for me - preoccupies my every thought and I have not watched the news nor read a newspaper.) How awful the event - and how compassionate and sad your words.
    It is time we acknowledged the reality of climate change.
    Anna :o]

  7. I have seen this on the news and stories like this always make my heart bleed..wishing for peace
    after this tragedy..mother nature is a powerful source and we never know what will happen next.

  8. We heard news of these events down here in Australia. I terrible time for you Katy, my heart goes out to you in your lose.

  9. it must be so heart wrenching to be part of that community. it tugs at my heart just watching these sad events many thousand miles away, on tv. i cannot fathom the agony and loss of the people in the midst of it.

  10. No fault of their own but nature's wrath! And many would like to help to ease off the burden of tragedy. How noble can that be! Nicely Cathy!


  11. those catastophies seem to increase rapidly...we had some floods over here as well and for so many people it means to lose their home and in the worst case people they loved as well... a heart-gripping write kathy

  12. Oh for a magic want to erase the tragedy, put everything back to where it should be.

  13. this is lovely. each stanza holds a little something speaking to all and the other to just one...leads towards a certain feel of peace following such tragedy...not an easy thing to do in the face of such heartache felt by many.

  14. Aww I especially like the second part of the poem where you personalize the tragedy with the remembrance of your friend. The weather has been strange indeed, what a harsh winter. It does worry me about global warming and how the environment has been polluted. A lovely, thoughtful poem.

  15. A beautifully-worded, tender memorial to those lost and loved. Nicely done.

  16. I love and admire the ethereal quality of your writing. Even in this dire circumstance your emotions are strong, but the scene is rendered as in a detailed and beautiful painting. Each object invested with color, balance and perspective - you really paint with words! Others have commented on the tragedy but this poem is that tragedy rendered as art.

    1. My, you are too kind, Gay....usually my poems are very wordy and I have to edit them several times before I get the feeling or slant I want to convey....thank you very least now the toll is less that what they thought it would be..;)

  17. Catastrophies come and we seem unable to cope with them .. I had not heard of this one ... but tragic event seems to be growing.. this piece still had the beauty to capture...

    1. Thank you...they are growing, but sometimes I wonder how much of it is due to iinstantanious news media and the fact that the world is so much smaller because of the internet. Is it all it due to numbers or our lifestyles today, etc?? Thank you

  18. I love the image of washing hair in witch hazel amongst the orchids.

    1. You are the only one to comment on that... ;) Thank you

  19. Do we mortals have a say? Heartwrenching....

  20. Heartfelt and beautifully penned.

  21. I loved all of it and this was are rinsing your hair in witch hazel,
    playing among scented orchids. Heartbreaking.

  22. This is so evocative in face of the tragic mudslide in Washington state. I wish you could publish it for those who did lose loved ones. Poetry is such a tool in the grieving process.

  23. Yes, so sad, this tragedy. Beautifully written piece. I do hope those still waiting on the lost may get closure. Lots of healing to be done. Thanks for coming by my blog Katy. Like you saw in my post and Brian mentioned, my hubby is on a Search & Rescue team and will be working up there several more days yet. We were able to get a package to him yesterday - dry, wool socks are gold!!

  24. very sad. touching pen kkkkaty ~


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