Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Darwin's Man or ape...

  Our prompt today is to write a poem inspired by an animal...symbolic or not..

I climbed to drier ground from the mangrove,
waited until morning by a small fire
In a sleeping bag by my jeep, flashlight
by my side; a night breeze lulled me to sleep
as bushes rustled against each other
then my heart quickened when I heard a cry

It was a lonely sound, almost sobbing
I take out my flash camera and lay low
In sun-dried mud flats there had been footprints,
yesterday, imprints sunken inches deep
His feet measured 25 inches long
from heal to toe.  What big shoes he would fill!

Cautiously I stalked closer; I suspect
I'll capture his yet unseen image soon
Excited now to get a real photo
up close of him in his woodsy domain
As dawn broke its light I saw a profile
similar to mine, heard breathing, a growl

His eyes look in mine and I see kindness
a certain wildness, sadness and great fear
Yes, I'll be the first with real evidence,
scientific proof means BIGFOOT lives here
Without a weapon I sit beside him
We'll use sign language to communicate
"Glad to meet you", I said, "my name is Jim"


  1. Similar and yet so different our cousin, the wildness and sadness and great fear... but also that sob of loneliness...
    I notice you say it might be a cancer metaphor - something giant which we fear... and there you are, in the last lines, trying to get to know him, come to terms. Very moving.

  2. very heartfelt. the loneliness and the great fear. i really like this.

  3. ha. would be cool to meet big foot...and if we could come in be able to communicate, sign language...was watching a documentary on those that film animals the other day and how long they have to wait for some animals to show hundreds of hours in a blind...sitting absolutely still...

  4. And I'm sure he saw kindness in your eyes as well:)

  5. I like how you humanize him -

    His eyes look in mine and I see kindness
    a certain wildness, sadness and great fear

    I like the welcoming in the end ~ Great story Katy ~

  6. So nice to meet a kind soul like that.. Indeed I assume they just want company.. reminds me a little of Tim Burton's film "Big Fish" and the giant in that film...

  7. wonderful build to a great ending - loved this! K

  8. how very cool.. that would be a fascinating encounter... and cool to find a way to communicate as well

  9. Big smile, here. The lack of fear opens the door to communication.

  10. Indeed - a great metaphor for facing fear, for reaching out, trying to understand. A gentle poem with a certain tension within the conscious flowing words. Liked it very much indeed. I repeat I love the delicacy of your work.

  11. I had a feeling this was a Sasquatch hunt. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed that you know sign language or that the Bigfoot does. a really cute piece.

  12. I enjoyed this. I like how the feared beast really just wanted to communicate & the fear was taken away.

  13. so thought you were going to write about something from the sea... LOL

    1. Ha....I usually do..thought about the octopus ;)


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