Thursday, April 17, 2014

Self portrait poem...

                                                                                                                     , my favorite poetic website; Brian asks us to write a self-portrait poem.  I really need more time to improve on this; some offerings are wonderful...

I am stardust,
a glint in my ancestors' eyes;
before, all was still
But with dragonfly speed
I travel, and when the owl cries "Who",
I answer "it's me in the tower of Babel"
A ponderer, critical thinker,
finding political games frustrating
and sad; in a wink I imagine
I can be anywhere -
I was a cowgirl,
a baseball mom,
have little hair
A nourishing spirit,
I am loyal, still waters run deep-
still impulsive, sentimental
I often spill over
and regenerate,
 muster my courage
again and again,
could almost BE
the ballet's premiere (just kidding,
no way)

I marvel at wind chimes'
and changes;
I blink, and suddenly a birthday candle
flickers for as long as it's able
Whispering meadows
become wallpaper on my soul
I'm a cottonwood blowing
in the wind, or on a wound,
sensitive, yet strong...
Surprisingly, sometimes,
a tincture of Mercurochrome
On a large plain brown paper bag,
I am painting my life,
a "wanna be" this or that;
doors opening, closing,
wearing a cranberry feathered hat
Sometimes a womb-like place
is all I seek,
but not without
the butterflies of adventure
I like wild berries with cream,
birds, driftwood hugging the shore
yet there is so much more to explore
To see everything virtually
is not my cup of tea,
rather sail the seven seas
sit once in Princess Grace's throne
All there ever was,
all that ever will be -
we are part of, I do believe;
And, to never be alone,

The universe is our oyster,
rubs us in the sands of time,
possible pearls to be exposed
Be the best we can be,
I suppose
And for interest of rhyme,
I cook mostly with thyme
Once I had a distinct desire
to do it all over,  but no -
it's all good,
would not trade gold for silver
or ecclesiastical attire



  1. oh i like this much actually...i love the play with animals in the opening...dragonflies are a personal favorite...and the interaction with the owl is fun...tower of babel...hopefully your words dont get garbled eh? i like the using the brown paper bag as have a lot of elements going on...its cool though...

  2. Lovely to get know you Katy ~ I specially like this part:

    I spill over and regenerate often,
    I'll muster my courage
    and I'll BE the ballet's premiere
    I marvel at wind chimes' changes;

    Thanks for the lovely share ~ Grace

  3. Hi Katy, I love the notion of want in our lives but tempered by the acceptance of what we are and being happy in that knowledge. Excellent self portrait.

  4. I like the richness - and the comfort I feel you have with who you are.

  5. wonderful selfie. enjoying my reading of all the offerings for today's prompt.

  6. Trading gold for silver or even glass beads....everything has a value.!

  7. So big, so fanciful, so brilliant, so colorful, so textured, so sensitive - this portrait of your free spirit - the ballerina dancing life!

  8. I especially like the close, kkkkaty ~

  9. nice.. love all the images... esp. ..a tincture of Mercurochrome
    On a large plain brown paper bag,... so surprising indeed... this sounds very at peace with yourself

  10. 'I often spill over
    and regenerate'......i can relate to that...a wonderful self-portrait..

  11. I really liked it... a great self-portrait... I have some favorite bits like: "I am painting my life, a "wanna be" this or that", "Meadows whispering become wallpaper on my soul", and especially the ending: "but no - I would not trade gold for silver".

  12. we are a complicated lot... are we not... a lot revealed here

  13. It feels like a bubble of passion burst through your viscera, and the spillover became a cavalcade of imagery & emotion, a fabulous stream of memory, like a re-routed rushing brook, washed over us refreshingly, & at the close, blowing creek bubbles out of our faces, we share the sunshine with you, who we feel we know a bit better now; mini-epic.

  14. Oh my goodness.....thank you...had no idea it would get a response like that...I do take some poetic license now and then, you know.;)

  15. We both put some stardust in our poems...smiles...I especially like that middle stanza and the way you used elements of nature and color in it. Nicely writ k!

  16. This is just lovely (as are you). I especially loved this "I often spill over
    and regenerate". Beautiful imagery.

  17. What a brave, bold world traveller! Some great imagery throughout, but the bit that really made me laugh out loud was:
    And for interest of rhyme,
    I cook mostly with thyme
    (and I do).

  18. A nourishing soul is so much better than hair. Beautiful self-portrait!

  19. pretty nice blog, following :)

  20. very frank! i must are what you are and i love the candid expressions here...womb is definitely a place to be loved to be again biut oh yes! not without the adventures.....:) i love this....

  21. Very cool. I too hate aloneness but it seems like it sometimes goes with writing, thanks, k,


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