Friday, April 11, 2014



Today we wrote about love and wine - -
 Poem #11


From a distance it appears a duo - 
dancing on horizon's line
Storm rains rinsed away oily heat,
leaving a drying mud glaze in time
If  old houses could speak and raindrops sing,
their otherworldly image would give way 
to laughter in the stratosphere
In A sharp major key, they'd waltz
up steps in the clouds sheer
He'd twirl her behind his back,
catch her as she came back to him 
And they would lift a glass of wine 

She's gone now,
 with that golden era gone by,
the Tennessee Waltz now passe'
I hear the banjo player slap his thigh
She was wife,  lover, best friend,
the melody of his soul, 
born from seeds sewn a century ago,
From which glint of the sun 
will she return to sit on my knee?
From what star will she descend,
tap my shoulder, 
make a toast to yesterday
and dance away with me?

Send me a letter,
 written in your fine hand;
tell me you are still mine
Take me down that unearthly road,
where bands of souls 
know their track back -
...and I do believe
I'll see you again,
drink your red lips of wine -
We'll dance to the Blue Danube
I'll scoop you in my arms,
carry you into the sunset's rain



  1. love...esp that last sings...
    actually it could be lyrics...i could hear the music...

  2. This is beautiful.

    So much to love here... I mean... "the melody of his soul, " That is a phenomenal line. Loved all of this.


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