Sunday, April 6, 2014

Using Emily Dickenson's words to write a poem..NaPoWriMo - Poem #5

A bit challenging, to write a poem using each of the words in E. D.'s poem below to end each line of the poem, thereby being able to read it vertically....late but done...

April 5, 2014
NaPoWriMo - Poem #5

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light! - Emily Dickenson

Sure, I would like to have spawned my
own movement, passionately held a candle,
stumped for a cause, sate the fire that burns
inside of me, knowing just where I am at
Requiring conviction and purpose, qualities both
in the spirit of giving and receiving, satisfying both ends;
To be satisfying it
must be something I keenly feel, believe, and will 
require industriousness; originality and courage, not
an idea that won't last
Finding that main vein, to draw the a plan with the
blood, sweat, and tears required morning and night 

It's not enough to simply think of it, but
to put into action one's words, ah
What passes from my mind and chambers of my 
heart must fight the foes
that take energy from believers, and 
when numbers grow and people march, oh,
it is a sign of cohesiveness in thinking, my
hope to create meaningful change; friends,
we'll give life to a new revolutionary dream, and it
will be a transformation, that gives
new life to an old song sung for a
liberty so lovely, 
if only everyone could see the light

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  1. so true in words often not being enough, we have to put energy and effort behind them to truly make a difference...i am all for a new revolution to see positive change....


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