Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Looking down...looking up..

Today at Grace asks us to write poetry to the art of Cheryl Kelley which is like looking in a a kaleidoscope check it out here  for some fun.

Thirsty for coolness
to flow around me
I swim in the indigo sky with stars

Springs from whence I came 
shine in the distance,
their routes wayward
yet defined by mountains
phalo green, abergine,
burnt sienna
Obvious to the map maker,
breaks in the sea appear
and streamlined quinacridone gold bridges
carried me for the day 
                              leaving no footprint

Wearing my opera rose lipstick,
I played the lead for awhile -
until my legs gave out,
but not my heart
Beyond the sea
I found knowledge,
love and beauty
amid chaos, people screaming
My vision of the world,
through the stained glass window 
of my soul
where I found what I needed
most to know

Still I think to return
to the midnight star brigade
stretching my arms
in large strokes -
be the butterfly migrating
across the miles, 
the eagle with sharp eyes;
my thirst to be quenched,
soul renewed once more



  1. the stained
    glass window of my soul...ah it's good to find new vision through it... in paris we've seen some amazing stain glass windows at notre dame... to die for... and it surely changes the vision...

  2. played the lead for a while... then seeing again in the 'stained glass window of my soul' - so moved by this - beautiful - K

  3. I specially love the colors:
    phalo green, abergine,
    burnt sienna
    Obvious to the map maker,

    I also like the refreshing coolness you found at the sea ~ Thanks for participating & wishing you happy week ~

  4. quite vivid...particularly the seeing the world through their stain glass
    and the beauty amid the chaos as well....
    also being the butterfly....smiles

  5. Gosh, this image of renewal is gorgeous. I love how it goes beyond the mapmaker, allows the narrator to play outside the box and color outside of the lines.

  6. This was very enjoyable as the images create a sense of rebirth in spring.

  7. To colorize the world - yes like rose tinted glasses but even better.. Loved the read, wonderful rhythm like a sea-shore at sunset.

  8. Perfect rhythm - like the waves on a beach at sunset... And renewal like that, what can be better,

  9. I'm smiling because I just posted a second one using this image...and it had swimming and waves in it, too. Ah, the collective unconscious!

  10. " legs gave out, but not my heart.". Such a great line! Our ability may wane, but if our desire remains...then there's life in us yet!

  11. Your discrete images gave form to the abstract colors in the artwork. Each of the poem's images giving dimension to the speakers, expanding horizons, piercing the essences of being and allowing insight as well as sight. Well done.

  12. speakers should be speaker's (sorry).


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