Thursday, April 3, 2014


   Today at  Claudia has us writing a poem conveying certain emotions WITHOUT ever naming the emotion ....I believe there were no dry eyes in the house when Pavorotti
sang with Eric Clapton in 1996 - "Holy Mother"


Luciano Pavarotti -                                                                    
music for the ages;
his tenor range,
like the Olympic mountains
from the exquisite mossy forests to
it's incredible high white peaks
In person his voice was unparalleled;
perfect pitch of the nightingale,
pure tone of grand piano,
unadulterated clarity
Each note rippled from the base of his full lungs,
to the bottom of my stirring heart
Intimately he put his arms around me,
took me to a place apart,
to the time of Turandot,
to the scene in Tosca
when love is found, lost
Operas seemed to be written for him
rather than the other way around
From Verdi, Pucciini to Mascagni
he sang with all his soul -
like a full moon rising in the East,
the size of the entire evening sky
Beads of virile sweat mixed with my tears of joy
He was unafraid to show his vulnerable,
feminine side
Adoring his "Mama" he sang with uplifting
affection, glory and love
He played jokes on his ladies,
could laugh at himself as in the movie
He drank Madeira, he had a hearty earthiness
His big heart embraced all people;
when he sang it was as if the world stood still
The gold glint of his teeth shone like a pot of gold
on an old map, where the X marks the treasure.
His grand and magnificent voice oozed
like pudding from a cake
Talented virtuoso that he was,
he rose to great fame
He perfectly mastered the music scales when young
Gifted with such a unique instrument,
which he perfected, singularly insured
His voice sailed the hills and valleys around Rome,
Florence,  soared through the canals of Venice
thrilled crowds far and wide
Like a cello being played, his vocal chords
stretched forever pianissimo or crescendo
He himself was the orchestra and the artist,
reaching beyond the beyond
to express love or sorrow
Women fell in love with him;
men's hearts he set aflame
May his voice echo throughout the universe
always, everyone know his name -

With all the superlatives there are, the emotion for this experience I have to call "euphoria"


  1. funny how music can calm us to sleep, or rouse us to march to war....

  2. His voice and presence are indeed grand and magnificent ~ I would love to hear him in person and go into rapture, smiles ~

  3. He does lift one up to heights unimaginable ... I wish I had that ability, whether in word, art, or song!

  4. KKKKaty, you did a very fine poetic job telling me about all you know about Pavorotti. Please take this in he spirit it is meant. You should try showing what he did--iimagery, metaphor, even simile. Make him come live with less information and you could have a wonderful poem and tribute to a true Maestro. Best>KB

    1. Thank you - I agree, knew it was lacking. I've made a few changes but will look at it again in the morning with fresh eyes ;)

  5. music has such a way of grabbin the heart and taking it for a spin....enjoyed the listen as i was reading...clapton has been a fav himself for gives us wings....and def emotions...

  6. singing for me esp. grabs my heart cause as you say - the singer himself is the instrument...there's nothing in between... and he surely was a master of laying all the emotions and expression into his voice...

  7. music reaches the heart faster than words

  8. This was like listening to a beautiful melody... soothing and lovely.

  9. I'm sure that must have been a grand experience to hear him singing live. Yes, that would be euphoria indeed!!

  10. love the way you convey the feeling.. especially good when you conveyed his actions I think.. in how you describe what eats, how he charms, you are telling your own feelings the strongest.

  11. Wow! That is one great tribute to Luciano. I can't blame you - his voice is truly and singularly beautiful. If you had the privilege of watching him in person, I am forever envious of you. :-)) :-))

  12. I certainly consider him among a rarefied few contemporaries who made my life and my times more exalted, more wonderful and unique. He stands with a few others - Chaplin, Perlman, Stravinsky, Gershwin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ellington, Toni Morrison. There are others but these made a difference to me. Sutherland and Sills almost there in the opera world. (smiles).

  13. Yes, Gay, he has excellent company and they can make a difference in one's life I believe.


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