Sunday, April 13, 2014

Worthy heir...Poem #13

WORTHY HEIR - Poem # 13   Writing kennings today...

Their  means of travel
is a Rolls-Royce
He steps out wearing a
penguin suit; she,
Princess Diana like gown
A conscientious and poised pair,
their demeanor is Savoir-Faire,
They have the ability
to communicate
between blue-blooded
and red-blooded citizenry;
are mind-worthy
of their nobility and crowns;
trendy yet traditional -
in a nice kind of way
Ladies in waiting bow,
soldiers stand attentively
But almost of walking age,
who is it that steals the show-
a handsome Prince George
who already seems to know
how to sieze- the- day
Certainly he'll grow
to be an officer-gentleman,
will be a genuine good leader,
Surely a worldly statesman.
Of course, too,
he will be a heart-breaker

1 comment:

  1. ha. we all come with out good and well...heartbreaker...the thought of royals is intriguing
    considering we have none here in the states...well not officially...and def not seen with as much


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