Sunday, April 13, 2014

Temper yourself

NaPoWriMo - Poem #12

When one creates a poem by replacing certain words, it's effectiveness depends on the words you this case I chose Key(tangible noun) and  Temper (intangible)and replaced the first with the latter in these Google definitions or traits of the first one..I'll be the first to say this is one of my worst efforts..just not in the writing mood today ;)

Learn how easy it is to open a personal bank account with temper   

His tempered manner set the tone of the meeting
A temper is something that secures or controls an entrance
Please use your temper when you reach the house.
One uses temper to specially fit into a lock and move it's bolt
Plan now for your trip to Temper with Florida Special Tourism
Sarah's Temper is the story of an American Journalist
Do you have the temper to the auditorium?
His speech was the temper that unlocked the mystery of the story
A temper to the puzzle must exist
In music, temper refers to pitch..use your ear to find the temper the note in a song
When you have a temper it means you are able to focus, tune into, or single out one thing
Temper in on the moment they start the race.
She was all tempered up before the program.  Tempering in brings a certain degree of intensity to feelings, energy, excitement
Temper is the equivalent to a kilogram of marijuana

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