Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tea and the clouds...

Sparked imagination- 
antennae up,
feeling for pernicious signs,
clues to the weather 
Will clouds be white, 
grey, cotton candy or a
penny- copper color?
Large ones hanging like curtains,
in funny car shapes- 
She put tea and muffins 
on a small table, with 2
small chairs 

Continually changing 
clouds, manifestations of 
animals or persona 
Would it be Jesus,
the messiah she read about,
that steps from behind the
parting clouds doors,
appearing not in recent 
epochal time, 
to speak in allegory 
of our greedy ways?
...maybe Mr. Rogers,
or a granny 

A stained glass chime 
she saw shadows dancing 
on  luminous 
white porcelain plates
in the sun;
more than mere shapes
 of billowing toys
or formations 
of dogs and sheep
even spheres and orbs
She sees through the prisms of her eyes 
from where she lay on her back,
in the cool grass- 
looking up 

Vitiligo-  like clouds 
filled in the forever blue with
familiar warmth,
 a gradual
shifting of the guard
Clouds gathered
 in an artful display 
and suddenly appears 
a giant-sized, kind, 
gentle face...
She invited him to sit beside her....
.......he held her hand...
drank her tea- 
and worshipped her small kisses 

The prompt today, to use the following. 12 words in a poem:    messiah,luminous,plate, shadow , persona, epochal, pernicious,  allegory, vitiglio , warmth, door, glass.  My PC has crashed so am painstakingly using my cell phone.  I'll try to get all posts read but comments will be brief or have to wait...hope for sun.


  1. so much to see in the clouds...jesus, granny...mr. rogers...ha...had not thought of him in a while...
    its ever changing though, like a painting ever evolving...deepening, darkening, then lightening...
    we see it all through the prism of our eyes, that translates for us...

    ugh, sorry for your computer issues, that stinks...
    you did not tag in, i will get that for you...
    hope hte sun finds you as well.

  2. I really like that last stanza, the loving gentleness of it, and the small kisses!

  3. when you lay in the grass looking at clouds it takes a gently man to bring the dreams to a blissful close. :-)

  4. cool imagery... thanks for joining us!

  5. I love how you described the setting and the ending is just lovely - sharing tea & worshipping her kisses ~ Love this K~

  6. Tender and tranquil moments. Good use of the words.


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