Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Swirl - Learning to fly


For Sunday Swirl this fell into place for me, using the 12 words given above; the image is not mine but is from google.

Four baby blackbirds soon to be free
spreading wings for their first flight
dreaded moment, indeed
Eager for food at dawn's first light,
Nest of grass, twigs, and yarn; 
four fledgling bobbing heads -
amazing to see this new life
Pushed from the nest at 2 weeks old,
panic sets in as the event unfolds 
The first three make it just fine;
number four looked promising
as he began to arise,
but he was falling softly
right in front of my eyes
It can be mended, his broken wing,
but even so,
so no reason to abandon him
At night he is tended lovingly
soon to fly away happily


  1. it is nature...and at times nature can be cruel...
    but then again when there are those of a heart to care
    for the broken it can be a very good thing...smiles.
    good on you

  2. Thanks, Brian..aren't you the early bird!

  3. Ah,, if one can mend a broken wing.. but sometimes nature is sad to witness.

  4. I love the hope in your piece and the love shown by not abandoning the fourth. Well wordled!

  5. If we were abandoned every time we were broken, it would be too much to bear...

  6. I love that picture, Katy! I'm so glad the fourth one didn't go unnoticed.

  7. Humanity for all its cruelty couldn't cope with nature's way. We save a bird or two but can we save ourselves? I must be getting cynical in my old age. However the picture you painted is beautiful.

  8. Such a direct and skilful interpretation of the wordle words. Bravo.

  9. I love that the little fledgling will soon fly. Nice, katy.


  10. We all know of broken wings, but I like your story of binding and healing. Always there is hope.


  11. Quiet optimism, so grandly expressed. Thank you for sharing this, kkkkaty!

  12. Aww! A broken wing :( I like your rhyming elements in this!

  13. Such a lovely poem...I do so feel sad when this sort of thing happens...and am glad you made it a happy ending! Wonderful story poem!

  14. Wonderful poem.


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