Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A stream runs through it...

Today's prompt at dversepoets.com is to write about a place we wish to go if we could, that we've never been to before...I took a different tack.  Going to a graduation this evening, so will be on the trail later tonight.
          Painting by Robert Cassilla 

There is a road I long to take 

that divides two meadows sap green;
it's warm horizon beckons me
on a honeysuckle summer breeze
A stream runs through it, clearly sings,
and at the end of that fine ride,
arms catch me and take me inside 

From the time I was just a babe

Naivete led me through hills
and valleys I wearily trekked
At previous forks in the road
choices were made - thrust onto me;
kept me otherwise occupied,
a surreal grayness of existence 

My new bed will be petal soft

gone the hard, leather saddlebags;
no more walking o'er hot embers 
I'll stoke the fire with oil of life, 
burning bridges at that shoreline
where pain leaves and weakness is gone

For warriors hearts to rest easy

there needs to be a place somewhere 
that soothes the draining wounds at last,
where love is unconditional;
where people's smiles are authentic
where we are pampered in the light

There is a place I long to see

where children grow to know less fear,
sicknesses of the mind are cured
Where hearts unburdened ride upon
the wings of eagles flying high
Where doubting succumbs to reveal
munificent ways the world can heal


  1. yes, even the hardest warriors need that place to rest when the battle is over, to feel safe and accepted regardless....yours sounds quite beautiful....have fun at that graduation tonight....

  2. So very right you are Katy.. after a long weary journey it's time to burn the bridges and find a place to rest... so much truth in your words..

  3. A place in the heart, a landscape of inner realm; a wondrous trek, a smart destination; you rocked the prompt, and made me smile. Thanks.

  4. Oh, lovely, to have such a haven in the wide world.

  5. I enjoyed your poem, Katy, particularly the last two stanzas. Wouldn't it be great to have a place where people are authentic and children know no fear?

  6. Deep and personal - wistful words. Very nice read.

  7. Beautiful poem. Thank you for your kind words and I hope you have fun at the graduation tonight.

  8. Exquisite - in journey and in language. I love the freshness in your work always. This is no exception. G.

    1. Gay, your comments are so appreciated...never had my writing called 'fresh' before...that is nice.

  9. A wonderful way of saying that we all need somewhere that we can call home.... and be safe and loved. Beautiful.

  10. This is wonderful, Kathy, with much that is meaningful to me just now.

  11. sounds pretty good! K.

  12. Home is the most caring place anywhere in the world. Others in comparison are just going to be fleeting moments! Have a grand graduation Kathy!


  13. Very interesting and different take on the prompt - yes, we all look for that softer, gentler place of rest, that harbour...

  14. i love this dream place....have fun at the graduation... :)

  15. Hi Kathy - you did take a different path than most while writing for the prompt but you did touch my heart in doing so.

    "There is a place I long to see
    where children grow to know less fear,
    sicknesses of the mind are cured"

    I wish there was a place and I would dream for the same.

  16. You've painted a beautiful, inviting picture.

  17. this was so hopeful... you took us away from the sea... I was surprised, but delighted

  18. yes - that is a place i want to see as well... life can get us a bit weary at times... have a great time at the graduation!

  19. Beautiful! Ah...someday...to run and not be weary...to mount up on eagle's wings...

  20. How lovely! I long to see this place as well!

  21. Oh, i long to reach that land...someday!

  22. I'd love to journey in the places described in your last two stanzas. Won't life be a lot better with those places? :-)


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