Thursday, June 12, 2014

Connecting the unconnectable ...go a bit berserk!

We are having fun today writing for Claudia's  cool prompt, connecting the non connectable or being young and wild and free for a bit, mixing metaphors or what have you:

Off the cuff,
A little bit absurd//
a lot silly - it all makes sense to me
     "No it does not!"
No peace for the peacemakers;
    "death to the executioners"
Needles, not in a haystack,
or a bed of nails -
rather in a bubble bath
to cure what ails
 Correct the leaning tower's tilt;
   tilt the Eiffel tower//
     build dams for ocelots,
      let beavers swim the seas
      Add 7Up to the bread mix,
    stir vanilla into beans//
 Make jam from rose hips
to put on havarti and peas;
     Or go crazy with Saxifrage cream pie!
     Opposites attract - no they don't; 
don't lie-
Reminds me of the friendly Heffalumps
  and upside down green eggs,
   pineapple and ham -
"or was it blue eggs turned over 
  with sweetbreads and spam?"
Let horses surf the wild waves;
invite homeless turtles home
as guests for dinner...
Tarzan was mellow man;
 Alice loved the Mad Hatter!
It's nonsense// right!?
or horse-sense...or,
I know, it's "Duck Soup"!
   //or none of the above?
I think I'll take a nap now,
for my brain is 'waterlogged'
or dehydrated,
depending on where you stand
Note,  I did not say 'washed',  'tortured',
or 'water boarded' - 
because it could be vacant
 or burnt to a crisp, as in digitized, 
desensitized, nullified
// emptied of all I 'learnt'..
or hung from a eucalyptus tree trunk,
 in knots tied
Mind you, I'm getting along just fine
- took my meds today on time;
(true), including vitamins X, Y, and Z
 the orange, the little pink ones,
the oblong blue ones, and the green
and white capsules - they all
went down the gauntlet of
my esophagus nicely, 
with a bottle of hardy mushroom wine...
a bottle of Perrier?  forgot now.. 
or was it guzzling a barrel of gramp's
 ol' moonshine?


  1. lol. i had one moonshine experience in my life...well maybe a few sips elsewise...but that one, was more than enough for a friend in college whose license plate was DCK might have a few angry frenchmen is you tile the tower...just saying...and i think you had a bit of fun with this....

  2. haha... i can tell you had fun with this one katy... and yeah.... i will def. think about inviting some turtles as guests for dinner... maybe even today already.. that probably inspires fun conversations...smiles...

  3. I agree, this is a fun read :)

  4. sweetbreads and spam, huh? See, I've watched quite a few cooking shows and I know sweetbreads aren't as good as the name makes them seem... ha... spam tho, that's yummy :) nice write.

  5. Ha ha ha...a very funny verse indeed...I'd be careful of the blue ones you don't want to end up somewhere you don't want to be! Terrific write!

  6. This was so fun to read K ~ I always wanted to try upside down green eggs or blue eggs, smiles ~

  7. Needless to say the needles stings.. and i love those ocelot dams, let the beaver roam the sea and get rid of that dam(n) projects.

  8. Actually, 7-Up is good in breads & cakes, my wife tells me. I will take a fat slice of Saxifrage cream pie, please. You seem to have so much unfettered fun with this prompt, I imagine you tapping your foot & blowing kid's soap bubbles while writing it.

  9. This was a fun read! Lots of wonderful images!

  10. 'a bottle of hardy mushroom wine' the lines...

  11. Some things in this world do make us think if we have somehow gone crazy or what. I enjoyed reading your poem. :-)

  12. My pharmacy always seems to be out of vitamins x y and z. I think I'm missing out!


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